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I just lived a rather unpleasant situation, and I'm not exactly proud of myself, but at the time, no other action crossed my mind.

I was in the park (not a dog park, there are none here, so dogs are allowed in regular parks as long as they behave) with my 3 girls. We were completely alone and they were very quietly sniffing around and playing toghether.

Then, out of nowere, this boxer bitch arrived to the park, alone, unleashed. We already know her,she is not exactly the kind of dog you want to meet unleashed, and she already had a previous disegreement with Pitanga. She was actually behaving OK, until her owner finally came around the corner. Then, she shifted atitude completely and made a move at Ginja, who was about 10 meters away from me and all the other dogs, minding her own business and trying to ignore the boxer. 

Seeing Ginja about to be attacked, Pitanga reacted and charged to the boxer bitch. I could have grabbed her, she was right next to me, but I let her charge the boxer. Nothing happened, because Pitanga is dominant over this bitch, and when I say Pitanga charged her, that's what I mean. She does not attack other dogs, she has a way to pin then to the ground and keep them there without any harm to the other dog (exept pride). The moment I called her, Pitanga got up and came sit next to me, so I have no reason to believe that at any time, my dogs were out of my control: the 3 of them responded to every command during the hole time. Romã sat and stayed, as told, Ginja ignored, as told (until she got bullyed) and Pitanga took without my order, but I did let it happen, and she did come back when told.

I've seen this bitch in action before, and she hurts other dogs when she decides to attack (she harmed Pitanga the last time they met), so I'm 100% sure that letting Pitanga take care of it kept Ginja safe and unharmed, because I was too far to prevent the attack. Ginja used to be agressive to other dogs and I had to train her to ignore and tolerate strange dogs. However, if she another dog adresses her and is unfriendly or agressive, she responds. And this was a much bigger dog than my little Ginja!

The boxer's owner seemed offended because I let Pitanga take care of it, because I "let my big dog charge his smaller dog". Then I told him that's also what he'd done to my even smaller and much older dog. He actually agreed with me, and the apologised for his dogs actions (at this point I also appologised for Pitanga's actions) and told me he was convinced there was no one in the park, and that is why his bitch was of leash, and we each went our way in a very civilized matter, so no problems will come from this.

However, I keep wondering if I did the right thing, letting Pitanga protect Ginja, instead of taking some other action...

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Comment by Angela Clarke on June 11, 2012 at 2:25am

Yes,Yes well done you, we would protect our oldies at all cost. You knew the boxer from before, and Pitanga is firm but fare by the sounds of it, which in these few seconds you had taken into account.You should be proud of yourself and dogs, as you may well have made this owner more aware and saved a smaller dog a lot of pain.

Comment by Chantal McIlveen-Wright on June 11, 2012 at 5:25am

Agree totally with Angela and admire your attitude with the boxer's owner!!!!  I would have murder him :-(

Comment by Rhonda Fisher on June 12, 2012 at 9:28am

Very cool headed Teresa. A nice change for two owners to discuss an incident and part on civilized terms.

Comment by Jo Ottinger on July 12, 2012 at 12:06am

totally agree.


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