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At 3:13pm on July 13, 2007, Sari Lahtinen said…
Hello sister
I just ask from Yvonne, where you are. Welcome to here. This is funny, so much funny peoples are in here. We wait you coming to here.
your " sister " Sari and Ali Baba
At 3:24pm on July 13, 2007, yvonne said…
Hi , sissie , nice to meet you in here also , give Justin and Elliot big hugs from Bear Pelle and Kimmo

At 3:37pm on July 13, 2007, Wilma Schellings said…
Hi Harriet,

nice to meet you also here. How are the doggies doing? Is your garden ready?
Maybe i come to visit you soon.
At 3:39pm on July 13, 2007, Lena said…
Hi Harriet, I hope all is well with you!
At 4:01pm on July 13, 2007, Trudy Walsh said…
Hi Harriet,
It's very nice to meet you. I have really liked any of the Adelaarsvaren dogs that I have seen and the Reddins dogs are very nice. Good luck with your puppy,
At 4:26am on July 14, 2007, Diana van der Valk said…
Hoi Harriet. Lekker in het Nederlands ;-)
Alles goed met je?
Hier gaat alles oke, we wachten maar weer op de volgende loopse dame.
Als je een echt goed boek wilt lezen....van Becket, titel is De geur van sterfelijkheid. Dat lees je in 1 ruk uit. Supergoed boek!
At 7:49am on July 14, 2007, harriet said…
dank je wel Diana goede aanbeveling.
At 2:44pm on July 15, 2007, Sari Lahtinen said…
Hi Sister
You must try to coming this year!!! When we can see in here pictures of your boys. I hope to see some of Elliot.
Today in here raining a lot , we wait hot summerdays.
Love, Sari
At 3:55pm on July 15, 2007, Fansett said…
Hi Harriet!

I think that we met some years ago. Hope to see photos from your dogs! Have a nice summer!

Minna & all the Fansett dogs
At 6:02am on July 24, 2007, harriet said…
yes looking forward to see you too. Has been a while since we last saw eachother.
At 11:24am on July 25, 2007, marita jonsson said…
Hi! lovely piktures of your dogs.........................Marita
At 2:22am on July 26, 2007, Mirjam said…
Hoi Harriet!
The new pictures of your boys are beautiful! I see Elliot grows very fast! Maybe we see eachother at the Young Dog Day in the Netherlands... Good luck with your boys!!!
At 12:24pm on July 26, 2007, Gaynor said…
Hi Harriet, I show Irish Setters in the uk, I see you have a youngster Reddins Elliot, I know his brother & sister, Ethan & Elsa. My youngster Harrison who is nearly 9mth old is great friends with Ethan.
At 1:07pm on July 26, 2007, Gaynor said…
Good luck, it would be great to see you at the shows in the uk, let us know how you do, I'll tell Ethans mum (Sheena) that I've corresponded with you
At 1:17pm on July 26, 2007, harriet said…
Yes tell her and I fshe has some pictures of Ethan would love to see him and offcours your boy.

Love Harriet
At 12:55am on July 28, 2007, Evgenia Gudkovskaja said…
Hello, Harriet!
Your boys are beautiful! Good luke with them!!!
At 6:36am on July 30, 2007, Belyakova Julia said…
Nice to meet you here!
Wonderful boys!
At 7:56am on August 16, 2007, Sarah Crepeau said…
Hi Ginger,
Please keep me in mind if you ever want to finish or special a dog on the east coast. All of my info is on my webpage!
At 1:52pm on August 22, 2007, Monique VIRY said…
Hi Harriet,
You've got wonderful IS.
My 2 girls love playing in mud too.
At 9:43am on September 2, 2007, Marloes van Alphen said…
Hi Harriet, nice to see you here! Hope to see you soon again.
Greetings from Marloes and dogs.

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