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Our beautiful girl is nearly 7 months old. Her eyes began to change colour at the same time as her litter sister. Then, they stopped. Now she has a hazel ring around the puppy blue iris, where as sister has brown eyes for ages now! Very striking. I wonder, will they eventually change to brown ? I am just curious if any one has experienced this?

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I'm curious to see a photo of that if you have one.

Denise has included the photograph. Just click on the attachment to view it!

Yes, she is lovely, Denise. I have neither knowledge nor experience of this, but I'm sure that some of the members who have will comment on it. Best wishes.

lol, didn't notice the jpg .. but wow, yes that is striking - I've never seen that before!

She is absolutely adorable! Very stunning!

Ho James, If you click on the jpg attachment there is a photo of her.
Sorry James, that was for the other post. I can see you have looked at her photo. She certainly is a lovely girl. I couldn't be without her and her litter sister. They have certainly brought the house to life !!!!
So unusual the blue eyes, pretty girl

so beautiful!!!!!!!  : )))




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