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I need your perspective and/or help ...."max" is doing awesome,fantastic and so puppylike since the surgery from having his leg amputated ...yet in the last 2 days and one other time about 3 months ago "max" has literally rolled in poop ( clueless as to who or what animal it belongs to ) this is now 3X and i am becoming real concerned in that why does he do this and i mentioned to my wife if she thinks it has to do with the cancer ( spindell cell ) and if it's begining to effect him psychologically therefore "acting out" ( although back in july when he rolled in poop my wife went in for major surgery for female issues ) i think that one time was clearly behavioral and if he did not do it since it would no longer be an issue for me, keep in mind he has done it 2X in the last 3 days,

I'm not sure what / why or what's possessing him to do such a thing, Lisa , my wife is a vet tech and works in a animal hospital and even she has no idea why "max" is doing this ....although , and i will finish up here because this really bothers and freaks me out ....my nickname in the Navy was "squeeky" ,....i took so many showers , Lisa thinks it's insticntual therefore embedded in them.

Any help would be of great help.


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I certainly hope he is perfectly normal.......as long as the BIG C( Cancer ) word does not/ and is not effecting or harming him in any way shape or form then that's all that matters to my wife and i the most.

Hi Rich,

Your boy is beautiful. I must say I have had alot of years with setters, my first girl had bone cancer, my second lymphosarcoma, the third bloat now mammary tumours and my youngest has a shunt in her liver. All from different breeders, but thanks God they came to me so I could help them & give them every chance. The beauty about their nature is they fight just as hard to stay here with us. I think we owe it to them to give them every chance. Mine have rolled in poop, eaten poop and I've caught them watching it coming out of the other one just ready to devour the delicacy (yuk)! Don't worry they'll stop. I bribe at all cost with dog treats it seems to shift their focus & they stop doing it.

Regards Di take care.
Hi I had to laugh at the last comment, mine too wait for a nice warm morsel coming out the other end of there house mates, I call it 're cycling' and yes mine have eaten every kind of poo you could think of, from their own to humans, they are called a few choice names, and not aloud to like anyone for a while, but it is after all perfectly natural. When they eat herbivores poo I think that it has some nutritional properties, Iodine etc. and so does their own (not Iodine), definitely not nice......but I have to say definitely natural...
I have been giving Lady pineapple to help her to not like the taste of poo and it seems to help. At least she has not been eating any that I have seen since she started on it.
Have heard of that but someone said that it had to be fresh pineapple and not tinned, is that so??? I at the moment am like my re-cycling girls, I am waiting (not to eat I hasten to add) for each one of the girls to poo and pick up immediately it comes out, found that works, 'take temptation out of the way' BUT turn your back and it disappears.
I have never had this problem myself, but have heard that tinned pineapple and also tinned Mango is supposed to work.
Although I dont know how much is needed just that it needs to be given for every meal. There has also been a discussion that this may follow certain food-types that will not get sufficiantly digested by the dog. And so retains its "food"-smell.

I think the "pick-up-imidiatly"- is a must.
I also definatly think this is something dogs learn.
If one starts, the others may well catch on...
My boy used to love eating poo when he was a puppy but he somehow grew out of it. I don't know whether it was because I always told him off for eating it, whether he got more of what he needed from his food as he grew up or whether he simply lost the "appetite" for it - I'm not sure. At the time I had discussed it with my vet in Switzerland and she had recommended a natural supplement by Powervet containing mussel extract, spirulina, seaweed and lots of vitamins and minerals. She said that all her dogs immediately stopped eating poo when given the pills. I never got to use it because we didn't need it in the end but I think a general vitamin and mineral supplement or even just mussel extract might be worth a try.
I use fresh pineapple. Since I am in California it is available almost year round.
Would you like to send some over hear I am sure there are quite a few of us here that would appreciate it................
Yummy fresh pineapple....lucky you and lucky dogs.....I have also heard that silverbeet added to dogs meals does the same job.....but I personally think the best hint...is to pick up straight away.....

Yes I have always found that is the best way, it also keeps the garden clean, as well, but what is 'silverbeet' is it something just from NZ or could we get it here in Scotland. Pineapple is so expensive, don't begrudge the dogs, but it is nice to eat myself..........joking aside if I can find something else......
Tinned IS supposed to do the trick Dee!
(If this works at all).
As for silverbeet...? Never heard of it.




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