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I need your perspective and/or help ...."max" is doing awesome,fantastic and so puppylike since the surgery from having his leg amputated ...yet in the last 2 days and one other time about 3 months ago "max" has literally rolled in poop ( clueless as to who or what animal it belongs to ) this is now 3X and i am becoming real concerned in that why does he do this and i mentioned to my wife if she thinks it has to do with the cancer ( spindell cell ) and if it's begining to effect him psychologically therefore "acting out" ( although back in july when he rolled in poop my wife went in for major surgery for female issues ) i think that one time was clearly behavioral and if he did not do it since it would no longer be an issue for me, keep in mind he has done it 2X in the last 3 days,

I'm not sure what / why or what's possessing him to do such a thing, Lisa , my wife is a vet tech and works in a animal hospital and even she has no idea why "max" is doing this ....although , and i will finish up here because this really bothers and freaks me out ....my nickname in the Navy was "squeeky" ,....i took so many showers , Lisa thinks it's insticntual therefore embedded in them.

Any help would be of great help.


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As far as pineapple is concerned, I have understood this to be something worth trying for dogs that will eat their OWN poops.
Not as a general anti-poop-eating deterrent!
The way I understood it it makes the dogs OWN poop taste less pleasant. (Tinned Mango is supposed to have the same effect)

I have never had a dog doing this, so I can not say if it works or not.
Oh, you're right... that's the correct use! It just came up to me; poops & pineapple... there was something about them together...
oh, we have it as well. odin never ate or rolled in anything but since she passed 10 years, she develops "skills" i've never experienced before :-) danka on the other hand has always been a roller and eater... disgusting when she comes and parts of dead fish is hanging in her coat but still prefer that to human poop dropping on a rainy day... uh, can we please change the topic? :-)))
Oh d..n, Lura, why didn't you mention this before??? I'd never have allowed Danka's brother to sire my my puppies!!!
you never asked :-)
There is nothing on earth like the stink of a dead roo, trust me! Mine have happily rolled in these. Compared to the roo, roo poo is like roses.
I suppose that roo is short for kangeroo?

Actually dont underestimate seagullshit nicely rubbed into the side of the neck!
(Im getting stuck into this subject now and doing away with the nice expressions)
Oh yes - anything lying around on the beach just can't be topped. Mine rolled in a dead seal once this summer never having rolled in anything ever before! And as mentioned by others before, the journey home in the car was unbearable!! Tried to wash him, use show sprays, everything - but nothing worked and it lingered for about a week! I even have a photograph of him running back to me after rolling in the seal (obviously I wasn't aware of what he had just done!) - http://irishsetters.ning.com/photo/photo/show?id=865021%3APhoto%3A9...
I've never tried the remedy but have heard that vinegar diluted with water as a first wash and then shampoo DOES actually get the stink out...
I had a 'guest dog' staying with me - yes it was an Irish Setter! - who found a dead decayed cat live with all sorts of things to roll in - OMG the stink in the car, all windows open to get home, then up to my flat (in those days) and try to get the dog clean before hubby came home...

Any idea why we love them???
I was told by a gamekeeper a long time ago that the best way to get rid of the stink ( especially for fox poops) is Ketchup! and then a rinse with water!
Seeing i created and started this thread about my beloved "max" ....i must say i'm amazed there is such a buzz over such poop........lol

no pun intended.....

Perhaps the respons makes you realise that Max is perfectly normal, Rich!




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