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do you show , hunt , obedience , doggydancing with your gordon , or just love to make long walks with them ?

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Sorry for being nosy... but you moved from Switzerland? So I guess your scottish dog is born in Switzerland and has moved back to his land of origin. I bet your dog loves it!

Swiss Susan (well sort of)
Yes, I got my Gordon Busby (of Flying Hunter) in Switzerland and we brought him over here to Scotland with us. It's not been too much of a hassle with the pet travelling scheme and if you plan ahead it's actually quite easy nowadays - at least there's no quarantine anymore. I think he enjoys his land of origin very much as he can run for miles on his walks every day and it's not as hot as it was in summer in Switzerland and he seems to prefer it. Not to speak of the pheasants and partridges that seemt to just be everywhere here. When he sees them he thinks he's in heaven! Quite a difference from the average crow that he used to chase across the fields in Switzerland. He's made lots of friends with other Gordons from the Scottish GSClub already but I think he misses his Irish Setter girlfriend from our village in Switzerland very much!
In that case Busby should have all it needs to become a great hunting dog! I know Marcel and his dogs, they are great workers - so fingers crossed you impress those Scots;-))
Oh, I hope so! The trainer here seems to like Busby and I promised Marcel not to bring shame on the name of Flying Hunter! So we'll try to do our best while we're here!




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