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I got my mail today and received a copy of a magazine called Healthy Pet. I think they got my information from my Vet. Anyway, the cover story is on Olivia Newton-John and her love of animals. On the cover is a picture of Olivia with her 8 year old Irish Setter. There are two additional photos in the mag with OIivia and her Setter. I haven't read the whole article but noticed this is her 5th Irish.

I have also read a former US President, Richard Nixon, had an Irish Setter, King Timahoe. Are there other famous people who are Irish Setter owners?

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Well other than all of us I imagine there are a few more. I've always loved seeing pictures of Oliva Newton-John with her dogs. Such a talented and bright woman.

Did they have any pictures in the article you could scan and share?

I will try and get some scanned in later this month. I have been averaging working close to 60 hours a week and will probably push 70 each of the next 2 weeks. Plus, my scanner is offline for some reason. I need some time to figure out what is wrong with it.
If you go to http://www.irishsetter.org.uk/index.htm and click on breed notes, there are photos of George Best and his Irish setter.
I posted his photos and also others under another forum topic here on this site: "What is your favourite settersong, -book, -movie, -history, -photo and -story?"
Thank you for the link, it's always very nice to see that some famous people have the same interests as we have! I didnt know that Olivia Newton John also have setters, fun to know!
I'd never heard of Beorge Best, but he sounded like a wonderful man from the tribute to him on that website Joan. Lovely man with lovely dogs. How sad he died so young. Thanks for sharing. He reminded me of Sean Connor.


just found these pics of Olivia Newton-John, thought I could share.

and Nixon...
Notice in the picture of Nixon and his family with the dogs, everyone is looking at the Irish Setter? That's the way it is with the world's most beautiful dog........no one can take their eyes off of them.

dutch queen as a child - don't ask me for the name :-)
Those are neat old pictures. Looks like the dog has a white streak on top of his head.
Nice pictures, there are more famous people with setters than you know!!!




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