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In my town they are dicussing the possiblity of starting a mandatory spay or neuter ordinance to curtail the amount of dogs in the pound that end up being put to sleep.

I need ammunition from all over the world from dog breeders to help me convince the powers that be that over population can be curtailed without taking away our rights to own a intact dog or cat.

So how does your country stop the flow of unwanted animals?

Loma and Red Friends

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Jelena asked me what I ment with my comment above...

Well I just can not understand how laws can be passed telling me to neuter my dog/dogs. I can not see that these laws can be enforced (as they seem to) when it comes to pets that you keep under controll. I can not understand the resoning of vets... would have thought they would at least have some basic knowlege of the reproductive cycle of dogs.
Just walking about intact does not produce puppies!!!!!!!
That was what I ment.
It is actually like reading about another planet!
And how come the dog-press is not going nuts and actually DOING something about this?
Not to mention the Kennelclub?????

you might want to talk to Wendy Czarnecki. She has been working against the California Bill #1634. This bill was to make spay or neuter mandatory by the age of 6 months in the state of Califorina. The bill was pulled at the last second this last year.

Ginger, is there a way of looking at the bill that is proposed in CA?
Somewhere where this is actually put in writing?
So far all I have been able to find have been (what I would see as) suggestions to neuter.
No actual PUSH or DEMAND for it.
Peta seem to have branches in both the UK, Germany etc. I wonder what these groups are doing about neutering in these countries?
Would be interesting to get the impression from some of these other countries as well.
I have checked out PETA and HSUS-sites.
I have watched horrific films about horses and sheep, and about dog-auctions (and as far as these are concerned, they would have my full support)

I have also read the resons to neuter (based on WHAT facts?). To me it most of it is a load of crap. But I am yet to find a reference to ALL PETS neutered.
Is that in writing somewhere?
I have gone through it all and it is scary in so many ways. Mainly that they are able to get away with it all. Its a bit like those religious sects that seem to thrive in the US.
I just hope they dont come over here...but then I thought that the dog-in-handbag-trend would never catch on here, yet it has.
Full time.
Reading their web-page, they would get my money as well Ginger! I am also against the ways we treat animals on intensive farming etc.
So it is scary that they can slip in other bits without it being obvious. But I have to admit, so far I have not read about all pets being neutered on any of the links. I have just seen suggestions.
For (some) odd reasons, but none the less, only suggestions.
There must be more people fighting them!
Like the petfood industry for instance.
I saw they had a campaign against Liam, (how valid that is I dont know) but what about the rest? I mean no pets, no petfood sold.
That must be a good enough reason to have all petfoodmanufacturers on you side. And perhaps there is some help to be had from them?
The petfood-industry is HUGE!
And so are the profits.
These companies will most definatly have plenty of lawers etc. to perhaps fight these bills...
Thanks for the link. I had no idea that 'animal rights' was so different to 'animal welfare'. Taking the words for their original meaning I'd have thought they'd go hand in hand. Seems this is not the case.

But still the information given makes me feel uneasy. The welfare organisations claim they keep shelters whilst the animal rights invest their money in a political movement. Should not the welfare organisations be doing the same? I assume they are doing so. The ideal would be to have no NEED for animal shelters (where thousands of animals are euthanised every year). As Ursula says, the need for education is tremendous and I find the swedish system of organizing events for potential puppy buyers an excellent idea. Maybe we could start that here in Switzerland too...
and what is the scariest thing is that these proposed/ enacted outrageous laws only reinforce the commercial breeders and puppy mills :( while penalizing the regular dog owner. Who probably already obeys all the laws and properly trains and socializes their pups, follows them and is responsible for them until the end of their life.
Here, Hunte Corporation ( one of the biggest commercial breeders/ distributors) is actually financed by our tax dollars because of the grants by the Dept. Of Agriculture. But in some parts of the country it is impossible to obtain an intact dog permit. ..
What scares me the most about the ARs is the "unsaid" stuff - the strategies they talk about only amongst themselves. Of course they will not put their controversial true agenda on the website. That would defeat the purpose. :) The words that stuck in my mind the most were from Wayne Pacele (HSUS ) : “We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding ...One generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.” — Animal People News, May 1993

I have a HUGE problem with that. :o\




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