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OK, maybe this is a silly question - but I put it to you all the same:-)) At least all members, old and new, can join in on this one...

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I love all these heart-warming, amusing, touching and also sad stories about your own personal reason for owning an Irish Setter. Throughout all the messages the love for that 'very first Setter' is so apparent. It is difficult to pick out any one reply in particular, but if you have not read Ursula Wilby's reminiscences - you must!
I look forward to reading more stories from all 177 members... why not put it in your own language if not feeling too sure about the english?

WHY NOT!!!! I don't know of any other breed that has the behavior range these dogs do - they're goofy, loving, sensative, smart, active and an abundance of joy...I have always had dogs - always a setter - and see groups of dogs everyday when we go to the dog park and none of them can measure up to the only setter in the group :) That big ole heart of theirs is too endearing and a necessary element in our house.
Hi Jodi - I just love the smiling face of your dog!
First time when I saw irish setter was also in the cinema on Walt Disney's "Big Red" :) . I was 10 or 11 years old. Since that time I love setters more and more every day :) Their lovely character, big energy, neverending cheerfulness and gorgeous appearance. I could never stop smooching them and watching how they run.
I think that each person has a type of dogs which it finds most beautiful, to me it is the Irish Setter. Whereas I was 8 years old, I saw " the most beautiful dog of the world " . It was necessary me to have patience not badly of years to carry out my dream and now we let us have 2 at the house of them. I like certain paintings especially those of Monnet but to have Si at its sides is to have at every moment a companion of any beauty and very attentive.
I hope it's ok that I reply to this. I don't have an Irish setter, I have an Irish Red and White setter. Close enough? We had an Irish setter when I was a kid, and though I don't remember her much, I heard stories. We have always had beagles, and when we lost our old beagle last year I started researching different breeds. We visited an Irish setter breeder and an IRWS breeder and decided the IRWS would fit better. I was looking for a breed that was affectionate, active, playful, and smart. I found all that in our IRWS. Maybe someday when we have a bigger house I will get an Irish as well. They are such sweet dogs, and she learns very quickly. Very different from a beagle. Very special breed.
Hi Angie - sure you are close enough - after all, you do have an Irish setter - even if it is of a patched kind:-)) I think setters in all shapes and sizes qualify! After all, their nature is loving, kind, affectionate, cheeky, vivacious, just all the things we love (and sometimes hate) about them... Next go to the theme 'what do you hate most about your Irish Setter'




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