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Thought this was the easiest way to ask you all: do you have your private messages left? Mine disappeared yesterday evening, I only have the last one left... I had some really nice ones that I definately want to have back! Already sent a message to Gene, hope he can help. Just wonder whether it is a problem only from my side or not. I am absolutely sure that I did NOT delete them, I am "user friendly" :-)
Can you please check? Thanks in advance!

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Susan, is the person now remarking on your age, not the same that asked you to do some friendly photoshopping?
dear super-ancient member :) don't distroy my business!!!
I was only observing...:-)
No destruction intended.
Quite right Ursula! Thanks for bringing this to my attention... I will definitely have to decide on appropriate measures;-))

(we oldies MUST stick together!)
You are too old so what about me?
I'm too young :P
Being nicely into middle-age I think I qualify to call anything under 35 yrs of age a 'young vegetable' - or as we would say here 'Jungs Gmües'... greatly lacking in wisdom I am sure;-))))

...but I'll admit you are well ahead of us when it comes to computer language:-)
To sum it all up, it looks as if YOUNG Laura (with a good understanding of computers) has lost all her messages. All of us too old/young dummies have still got everything in our in-boxes.
So actually there is no desperate need for us to understand the NING-instruction, is there?
I wonder if there is a lesson to be learned somewhere? :-)
mine are also still in place
Try to drop them a note at the Ning Help Center http://help.ning.com
After seeing all these messages, I just had to go & check to see if I still had my private messages......Yep they are still there.....so it looks as if Laura's the only one missing her messages.....a mystery.......

mine are still here. what probably happened was that her mailbox reached the limit and automatically erased all.
It's because she talks a lot :o)))))
shut up :-))))




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