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I thought (as we have so many experts in this field) we could start a thread giving each other hints on how to do it properly. Searching through old photos, I found this one of my son. So I would like to share this hint...make certain the handlers arms are long enough.

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Yes my daughter tried to show some of my dogs when she was about 6 years old in Junior handling and she could not reach both ends of the dog! she is now grown up and has given up showing a long time ago...she prefers to take them for their runs! In the U.K. showing now has been taken to extremes with some judges dismissing dogs which are not standing like statues! I must say a very skilled handler will be able to hide quite a few faults and I prefer to judge a dog on the move!
Setters ' handlers should also have strong arms. ;)

I share my friend's - Ola Szydłowska (v-ce EUROPEAN WINNER in Junior Handling) photo with the setter:

She usually show borzois and afghans
I've seen this girl around with her Barzoi. She is an excellent handler. She was 2nd in Zagreb last year when My friend's daugter was 3rd with our Pika.
Your son is adorable. And I don't think his arms need to be any longer, the pup looks great, even with his tail at 12:00! lol.
Nice picture.
The son is now 32 and although his arms have grown :-) to normal handler-size...he has totally lost all desire to do anything with dogs whatsoever. I think he got too much of it all at an early age...
I guess that does tend to happen... My father's hobby is trains, trains, trains and I was pleased to escape from TRAINS when I left home - only to marry a husband who loves... (guess what!)

Back to theme - I actually wish our breed could be shown free standing... not stacked to immobilization.

Lovely photo of Ola!
I always admire dogs behavior at the US shows (when I'm watching videos ;)). They are really happy and enjoy the show, wag the tail...
In Poland and in other European countries some of dogs are a little stressed. At the show are lots of people, other dogs, a noise. Dogs don't feel good in that circumstances. They are frightened and sometimes look worse than at home or on the field.
Before I enter the ring I try to make the dog happy and excited. I really prefer show dogs when they are too excited than they are frightened.
Immobilization is spot-on when it comes to describe my sons handling effort...25 years ago :-)
Unfortunatly unless your dog is perfectly built, you will instantly loose points (compared to your competitors) if you free-stand a dog in the ring while all the others are held.
Yes, Jeremy kept running into the ring while Dooley was being judged on Saturday. Was very cute I must say. He'll be soon big enough for the JH.
I have video of jeremy going on the ring ! So cute ;-))))))
Looks like Jeremy has got the right idea, let the dog free-stand! Mind you it would be good to speak to him about not leaning QUITE so much on the dog...
Picture is adorable!!! I rather see a child holding his setter how he knows,and setter is leting him to do anything he wants with him, than any other great looking irish in his pose with a handler in his suit:)




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