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I wonder am I the only one seeing photographs distorted in some blog posts? Why is this happening? It completely spoils the photo!!!
Or is something wrong with me or my computer???

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I always see the blog post photos of one user distorted, but only on my laptop, not on my home PC. kind of strange.
The most recent ones affected (on my PC) were the blog posts from Myra, Camilla and Agnieszka. They have been stretched like chewing gum!
Mine is the one from Lofty.
That makes it worse - it does not make sense! Maybe this is one for The Boss? (meaning Gene;-))
Yes, i also see pictures from lofty kind of stretched, but i guess that is because they are usually very big and can't fit in the window. If you save them to your computers and then open it to see, you will see them just fine and in good proportions.
I see them fine on one computer, and yet on the other, they're distorted. The only thing my (very small, very tired, non-computer literate brain) can come up with is maybe it's due to different browser or different settings?
it might be due to the screen resolution and the size of the monitor. me too see it normal on my home computer (very high resolution and quite big screen) and distorted on my laptop (very high resolution but monitor part not that big).
I've been checking which pictures are affected and it looks as if everything over 90'000 Bytes becomes distorted - at least on my screen. The less bytes the better the view!
I then tried to test different screen resolutions but find my screen will only accept one resolution... so I either need a new screen or a new computer - or I have to quit Exclusively Setters!

This problem is a recent one and probably has to do with some changes at Ning.
for me it is a long-time problem. since the changes, i see charlottes and even your blog posts distorted on my laptop :-)
impossible that you can have one resolution only. have you clicked on "apply" as well, not only "ok"?
yep, it just skips back into previous setting:-(
throw it out of the window into the snow, might help :-)))
it says IBM on it... out it goes...




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