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I was wondering how lazy other dogs are? :) Mine sleeps any chance he gets. Will not even raise his head if I am not awake, even if that means getting up at noon :))
When leaving early for shows, it takes me extra time JUST to wake him up. Well, not wake him up, but get him up :D
So, I guess I have a lazy setter... who is really not lazy as soon as he steps outside the house, or when he wants to play... But, Boy! does he like his sleep! :)

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Mine are up at the crack of dawn, but then I am too. So its full speed ahead from the word go, early morning walk and all that...after that I sit down at my desk or in front of the computer to work and they just sleep the day away. Short burst of energy when the occasional person walks along "their" road, but had it not been for the pug, the setters would never have noticed. Now they have to join in of course. Then there is another short spasm of energy if I train in the afternoon and not to mention when they feel its time for their meals. Ok, lazy...yes. My door to the garden is almost always open, but I must say I prefer them to sleep than to spend their day digging up the garden and flowerbeds :-)
Actually, sitting here working, the dogs come up to me now and again asking me to do something with them. I had forgotten that...but just noticed it again. After all, setters and pens and ink and watercolour do not mix that well. At least not well enough for me to be able to sell my work. So it is (on second thoughts) I that make them lazy...shame on me!
yeah it is actually definitely me :) who made him lazy. He runs and plays a lot, but when he naps, he naps like the 3 cats around him - all day. Oh, wait! Maybe THEY made him lazy hihi. He is famous for observing and repeating a behavior he sees.
Just last night he was laying on the couch with me, completely relaxed on my lap . My big 70 lbs lap dog :)))) Laying like a little baby. Such a softie and a complete opposite from my old dog, who was all toughness and independence. They come in all kinds, but I have yet to see a true hyperactive one!
It depends on how old your dog is. Busy active dogs need their beauty rest, but it wouldn't hurt to have a thyroid test run to make sure the thryroid is up to par. All my dogs are up at 4:30 a.m. and ready to take on the day and they range from 12 down to 14 months old. But then we also fall in to bed by 8:30 p.m. exhausted from the day.

Loma, Arizona, USA
8:30PM!!??? wow that is why they are up so early . :) no, we are more night owls- Both go to bed around 1 am ... he gets a burst of energy around 11:30pm / midnight and then off to sleep **VBG**
My 50% frensh bulldog is on the go ALL THE TIME! She will chase balls, whilst carrying one on her mouth allready, she will dangle in the setters ears at any chance, she will jump up on the settee and throw a bone down (then jump down, pick up the bone and do it all over again) just for the noise. She is only 9months, and I am so relieved when my daughter comes to pick her up after work...and my setters breathe a sigh of relief when she leaves the house...there is something to be said for a dog that knows how to relax!
HAHAH ! that is just the cutest face :) you can see all the personality radiating from her. I know what you mean about being relieved after they leave. I used to dogsit my boss' mini schnauzer, and although she was a pistol and a cutie to boot, both Lego and I were so glad when she would go home, so we can relax. :)
I have had dogs that get up and around 5 minutes before my alarm would go off on week days and then do the same thing on weekends, no matter what time I ended up going to bed. A lot of times on weekends, I would walk them and then go back to bed. It was tough on the sleep cycles.

My dogs sleep a lot too, but I think that it part of the reason they call it a dog's life.

I am lucky that my current dogs are comfortable sleeping as long as I want to. I just make sure and walk them right when I get up.
In the winter our Pika sleeps in the house and she gets up when I do, or actually when I am ready to go downstairs (she waits till I am fully dressed, why bother before). In the summer she sleeps outside in the kennel and gets up when she hears us moving around the house. Then after the morning walk and breakfast she sleeps through most of the day waiting for me to come home from work. Just moves from the sofa to the balcony and maybe under the table occasionaly. But once I am home she is constantly following me around wanting all the attention, lots of playtime and a really long walk in the fields and woods. But if I try to calculate all together I guess she sleeps about 18 hours each day. She is out like a light before 9 p.m.
I never have a problem getting her up at odd hours when we go to the shows. She adores shows and after a bath the day before and packing our bags will usually not leave my side just waiting to go.

A healthy dog will sleep almost half a day away...if properly exercised and content I wouldn't worry too much about this...also, weather plays a big role in sleep - when it's brutal out and the heat is unberable, mine will stay put all day in the airconditioning and not venture out until the evening when air quality is more tolerable...they'll romp for an hour ot two - come in - eat - and before I know it, they're done for the night. I think they're saving their energy for bigger things :)
I have lazy Irish setter too.
In the morning usually I am waiting that she wakes up.
She slowly open on eye than another...
If it's raining outside, she can sleep till noon.

She sleeping with me and my housband in our bad.
I have had irish setters for 30 years, I don't believe they are lazy, I think they spend so much energy when they are on their feet, they are really smart and conserve their energy just waiting for their master to make the first move!




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