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I got an e-mail:
We wanted to let you know about two upcoming releases. The first is a platform release scheduled for Saturday night (5/17/08) from 9:00-10:30pm Pacific. During this window, Ning.com and all networks will be offline. This is a planned downtime release that will include changes to the design of the Ning.com home page that you can read more about here: http://networkcreators.ning.com/preview

The second is a network release scheduled for Monday night (5/19/08) from 9:00-9:15pm Pacific. During this window, Ning.com and all networks will be offline. This release will include new safety features for your network, including a birthday field on your signup screen. As usual, we will do our best to ensure your branded downtime pages appear during the release windows.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through the Ning Help Center: http://help.ning.com

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We wanted to let you know about an upcoming series of network migrations and Ning Platform upgrades that we'll be performing over the next two weeks, beginning with the first network migration tonight from 11:00pm PDT to 11:30pm PDT. During this first window, only a small batch of networks will be impacted.

These network migrations will result in a total of 3-4.5 hours of downtime on your network over 3 separate maintenance windows in the next two weeks. For more information on this work, please visit the Ning Blog: http://blog.ning.com/2008/07/uptime-august-maintenance-windows.html.
Thank you for the information!




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