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Stockholm World Show 3-6 july...who is going?

I was never clear on how many from this site ever met up at Crufts...but now there is the Stockholm World Show with an entry of 20.674 dogs.
The setters will be judged on saturday, who will be there?
And we just MUST meet up!!!!!!!!

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i have exchanged a bit of extra SEK - in case i find something nice among your books ;-)
Signed and with a setter-drawing as well...no problem! Bring PLENTY of extra SEK, instead of just a bit extra :-)
haven't received my lottery win yet...
Don't I envy you lot!!!
I think it will work out fine.
My sister Yvonne and me will find you all I bet otherwise we will look at the bookstore.
Or just make a nametag on a sticker with our names on it that would be easy too since we will all be around the rings off Gordon, Irish and English setters.
Camilla, unless we meet before, can you give me a ring on my mobile when the time is getting near?
We wouldn`t miss the WW for any reason!
The red heads will stay at home but the english and gordons will be there for sure.

Glad to meet all of you! :)
Not going this time, but will think of most of you!
Although cannot win everyone, certainly you will have a great fun there.
Waiting for that many pics and blogs posted when you get back home.
Wondering who the quickest one will be telling the news :-))))
The best to you all / Marta & Sarah :-))
hehe, surely not me, i'll be on holiday for some days in the middle of the woods :-)
Hi Laura,
we had wanted to go but aren't either - no lottery win here. But we will go to Dublin next year and have fun there.
I will of course be there too, by the Irish and English setter rings! But I'm afraid it'll not be time for the camera this time, I'm happy Kazia is bringing hers :-)
I'll take a lot of photos on ISF setter show on Sunday though :-))
See you!

it is my first message on this side. I am coming to see this show as well.
In fact I have been reading this forum already for the long time, ca 1 year, but made registration only today.
So I hope to meet a lot of the setter’s friends this weekend in Stockholm

With the best greetings from sunny Tallinn




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