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Stockholm World Show 3-6 july...who is going?

I was never clear on how many from this site ever met up at Crufts...but now there is the Stockholm World Show with an entry of 20.674 dogs.
The setters will be judged on saturday, who will be there?
And we just MUST meet up!!!!!!!!

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So we all meet at the judging table DOGS after the judging is over, as suggested by Camilla...off on the plane tomorrow and I have yet to pack and take the dogs to the kennels and...and...and...
See you all soon!
i sit here and stare at the monitor instead of packing the suitcase... many questions running thru my head: should i iron my clothes? which clothes should i take? HOW IS THE WEATHER FORECAST FOR THE WEEKEND????? will we be at the ferry in time? what am i going to forget? etc etc...
and yes, really nervous!!! not because of the show but the travel itself.
It is supposed to be HOT!
Just like me have to pack and iron too get some shopping done, clean the house.
And tomorrow I will fly.

Looking forward to see and meet eachother.
I was just looking at the weather forecast and it looks not too hot. I am sure atmosphere around the ring will be warm enough though ;)))
We are flying on Friday evening and comming back Saturday after the judging (we have a flight back at 19.20), so do not know if we have time to meet you all after judging. If not, hope to see you during the judging. Till Saturday!!!!!!
I know it was indoor, today it is 30c plus here and it is tropical warm.
Not good for human or dogs.
So I do hope it is not to warm for the dogs inside than on saturday, and for us.
"Good Luck" to everyone who is entering! I hope everyone there has a great time and look forward to seeing the photographs. We will be thinking of you at the weekend.

Love Linda, Tara and Tilly xx
So how did the shows go for Pauliina and her Original Setters? This American is very curious.

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