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Hello everybody!
First of all thank you for this great site. As I see here is so many experienced breeders, so I would really like to hear your opinion about mixing american and english type in breeding. We must admit that there is different types of Irish setters (FT, American, English) and specially in England they really are worried about keeping the type at the same time for 7 years our special show judges were from England and american type setters usually get very high places (this year best bitch, dogs champion class winner etc). Our entry is about 80 Irish setters and most of them English type and not bad quality. So, at least here and already in Sweden and Finland I see people are mixing two different types and are more open to new things!

best regards,


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Looks nice!!!
That is a beautiful Picture of Paige. Can you e-mail me the file so I can make a print? I have not seen a picture of her in quite some time, please send my regards to Pat. Here is a picture of Paige's brother Chopper, CH RouxChien Life of Kerrsienna JH taken at the Eau Claire, WI USA shows on April 4th. He has been in training toward his Senior Hunter title and has a great nose. He finished his USA CH with 4 majors. I also include a candid shot of Paige's neice Lacey PJ - Dancin' RouxChien Whirlwind who is 1/4 British, out of Paige and Chopper's brother Lance. Pat imported her sister to England too but I have not seen pictures of her since she first got there 2 years ago. I often think of her and wonder how she is doing. Are there any pictures of her available?
Suzy Menard in Wisconsin USA
Lovely photos! Lacey has a lovely natural stance!!;o) Both quite nice and not over exaggerated!!
Here is a head shot of Lacey that I really like. She is a beautiful girl.

Suzy Menard in Wisconsin USA
Pretty Lady indeed, but I still prefer to see whiskers;o))
I like the whiskers too and leave them intact if she is not going into the conformation ring. The USA breed ring does not lke them, silly thing to take off as they are a sporting dog, and whiskers help them to scent. When she is finished with conformation, I will never take them off again.
Glad you think so too!! Love the pictures on your website of your dogs working!! Really like Dana(Bozo's mother I think!!) and the baby girl Sugar!! Sorry Dana is Chopper's Mom!!!!!
Don't know this dog, sorry to ask this question.....male of female?? still whatever very nice head
Regardless of who this dog is I feel sad that all his whiskers have been shaved off! Poor boy!!
I have to agree. It is the fashion in the US to do this and is becoming more common in the UK as well.....sadly! One thing I have always loved about irish Setter puppies, apart from their smell, is their profusion of whiskers and eyebrows!!!! The dogs need their whiskers as they help to guide them. The actually have a very useful purpose and without them, life can only be a little more difficult for the dog. Perhaps we should be thinking more about our dogs comfort, than the aesthetic side of things?
Here Here!!! My thoughts also! I still maintain that over grooming is not necessary!! They should still look like normal dogs, whiskers included!! ;o))
love it too, look at this beautiful face (vicary's fancy face):




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