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My older dog Tara (just turned five) has had blood taken tonight to test for hypothyroidism. Does anyone else's dog have this condition? I know treatment would be thyroxine tablets for the rest of her life, but what additional care would she need? Do they have a reduced life expectancy? I'm really hoping the test is negative as she isn't exhibiting all of the symptoms.

She has been off her food for a couple of days and lethargic, and has enlarged mammary glands but no milk. Thought it might be false pregnancy but last season was Feb. New pup has tried to suckle but not sure if that would cause symptoms.

Coat, skin, eyes etc all healthy and she's still interested in excercise and play, just sleeping more - but I put that down to the pup tiring her out. Other possibility is womb infection - she has an expanded girth but weight has actually dropped since last visit.

Just waiting on results and keeping fingers crossed...

Linda xx

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i am sure that the american members here can give you lots of information about this condition.
hope everything turns out well and it was only a "misinterpretation" of the symptoms. keeping our fingers and paws crossed!
Thank you Laura, we should find out by Friday. All the other labwork came back normal, so just waiting on the T4 count.
Thank you so much for your reply Fran - I shall certainly check out the information given. Your dogs are lovely - I have been enjoying your videos of agility!
My irish setter boy Demo was diagnosed with hypothyreoid a couple of years ago at 6 years of age. They say that this is a very common illness among setters. Irish setter is in the ten most common hypothyreioidism races in the world. Often the cases are mistaken for allergies or other illnesses tha affect the coat and skin in some way.

Demo was treated with wrong diagnoses for a year before they found the right cause for the lack of coat, lazyness and gained weight. The result was that his own system doesn't produce any thyroxine hormone. Demo eats 20 tablets of thyroxine every day, and is now doing very well! Before he was diagnosed with hypothyreoidism, he was vary fat, lazy and lost all of his coat. He had large bald areas on his back and belly. He looked like a disaster! The doctor told me, that he wouldn't have lived very long unless they had found the illness.

Here's how he looked...

As soon as we started the medication, he changed totally! He lost 10 kilos in weight, grew back the lovely coat he had and became very active and playful. Life expactancy isn't affected, so don't worry about that. Demo needs to eat the medicine for the rest of his life, but otherwise he's more than ok :)

Here's Demo's coat and condition after a year of medication. Still a bit too fat, but... Mom is giving too many treats :)

Tara's symptoms aren't excactly the kind Demo had. The strongest infuence seems often to be on the coat, so I think and hope you have nothing to worry about.

All the best for you!!
Thank you Vilja for those photographs, it's lovely to see the change in Demo. Tara certainly has no baldness, so maybe it will all be ok. She had her anal glands done yesterday too, and her appetite has picked up a little today. Will keep every one posted, thanks for the support.
Hello Linda,
2 years ago my youngest was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.
2 test were done: determination of the T4 hormon. As it was too low, a TSH test was done.
This was too high. So the diagnose was made.
She takes a thyroxin pil every day. The first weeks after she started to take the thyroxin the loss of hair became worse.
After a few months she was again in a good condition.
And now every year we have to check the T4 in het blood to see if we have to in- or decrease the amount of the T4 pills.
There is a wonderful support group that I joined when Scout became ill it is K9autoimmunesupport.com they are very helpful and really know alot about AI illnesses. I do not know what I would of done with out them.
Fran I am so sorry for your loss. It is so hard when we do everything we can and they still do not make it. Loosing Scout has to be one of the worst things that has happened to me. The AI support group was wonderful. They were always there whenever I needed someone to talk to.
yes it is. Scout had SLE and I do not know very much about hyopthroid. My oldest aussie does have a low thyroid but has been easily controlled. She is 13 and she has really bad hips.




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