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Looking for information on Lupus and Irish Setters

My 2 1/2 year Scout has Lupus and I am looking for more information. Has anyone had a dog with Lupus?

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I'm sorry but I don't know what Lupus is?

quite often mentioned in the series "Dr.House"...
"name formerly given to numerous types of localized destruction or degeneration of the skin caused by cutaneous diseases." Dorland's illustrated medical dictionary, Saunders, 2007
oh, maybe there are different ones under this name? :-(
Thanks, had a look and it sounds pretty nasty. I see it is said to be an immune related disease. Maybe help could be found in the following Yahoo group:
The support group is run by Sandy Williams, also a setter owner.
Dear Kathie,

as I understand the lupus can damage different systems in organism, what is secondary affect to the low or injured immune system:
- what symptoms has your dog and
- how sure you are that diagnose is correct?

with the best greetings Natalja and doggies
Scout was lame in his right shoulder three weeks ago when I came home from work he would not put any weight on the leg or eat. My husband took him to the vet the next day for me and the vet (my regular vet was off) took exrays and said he had strained the shoulder. Two days later when I came home he had discharge from both eyes and nose. He was still not eating. My husband took him to another vet as my vet office was closed. They said he had upper resp. infection. All his glands were swollen also (a sign of cancer.) and they took samples to test for cancer. The next day was a Sunday so Monday as there was no improvement I took him back to my vet. He was running a temp of 105 and still was not eating. My vet ran test for tick and fungus deseases. All the test she ran came back negative. The cancer test was also negative. She referred me to a specaltist. They also ran test for other tick and fungus deseases which came back negative. They did joint panels which came back with arthritist in all joints. He had ulcers in his mouth, nose and throut. All of these are symptoms of Lupus. He is responding to the meds that they have put him on. He has no immune system right now and is home bound for at least 6 months.

I never thought I would miss him barking at the birds as they fly over. He is very weak and is just starting to pick up his ball and walk around with it. He spends most of his day drinking, eating and sleeping.
Hi Kathie,
Feel so sorry for you and your dog. Hope he improves and that you can cope with the condition when he is on the correct medication. Has he had an ANA test performed?

Interestingly this 'SLE' (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) is a theme in the support group I mentioned. I think you'd get excellent advice and support there.

Good luck to you both!
Thanks for the information I applied for the support group will let you know if I get in. I am not sure if they did a ANA test. I will find out Monday when I take him back for blood work and check up

Scout did have the ANA test and it was negative.
Hi Kathie,
I'm no vet but reading about ANA & SLE on the web it would seem that over 85% of dogs with SLE (and massive symptoms) would have a positive ANA test. Maybe there is hope yet that this is something different?
Dear Kathie and Scout,
I hope Scout will be in the good health. Even I do not have experiences with this particular disease, I though I will let you couple general comments which might help. First, and if fact very important issue, is positive thinking, no matter how worth the situation is keep very positive thinking and give to your boy so much positive energy as you can. As our doggies “scan” our moods and reactions, being positive gives positive altitude to the dog, what is always good for the treatment results.
Second perhaps they are some solutions in homeopathy treatment. As we are living of the different parts of the earth I can not recommend you any plants from our nature, but ”google seach” gives me reference to the treatment of lupus with kalawalla and perhaps they are other plants as well. You have to consult with your vet. how dog could react on this plant, and perhaps consider using it.





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