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Selling puppies is one thing, finding the right buyers, quite another.
How do YOU tell the good from the bad?
I think all breeders have come across buyers that seemed OK to begin with but turned into total nightmares.
So how do YOU choose?
And whom would you NOT sell a puppy to?

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I dont think that is a fair statement! There are plenty of neglected dogs in flats and in houses with gardens! It is down to the type of owner rather than the place they live! I have an acre of land but still bring my dogs to varied places for different activities! And I know people without gardens equally good with their dogs! It takes all sorts!!;o)
OK Carmel, you are right, that was a sweeping statement made by me...:-)

But I am judging from the puppies I have sold.
And I dont think any of mine have been neglected even when they have lived in houses with big gardens.
I have 3 acres fenced in and the dogs go for daily walks...so yes...a very sweeping statement but I would NEVER consider NOT selling a dog due to people living in a flat.
I agree! I will sell to a person in a flat also if they are good dog owners! That is the most important thing:o))
I think that you are taking what I said as a 'sweeping statement' I didn't say I wouldn't sell to a person in a flat, just that I would have to think hard, I think as I said that it is always difficult to find the 'best' home for the puppies, people have got wise to the questions, they know NOT to say that they are out at work all day, and that they have difficulty in exercising, etc they will always tell you that they are home at least most of the day and always take the dogs out at least once a day. As a breeder we have to take that all on trust, it is all on instinct as to if you 'like' the people or not, and you can always make mistakes, but mostly you do pick the rite people for the puppies and you do make friends with these people whether they live in a huge mansion (I have sold to this kind of HOME) or into a small flat, (I don't think I have done this yet, but the time may come,) its the PEOPLE that you ultimately sell to. I have to say that I would sell to anyone on this site, we all have one thing in common......We just dote on our dogs, we wouldn't be here if we didn't like these dogs, we just wouldn't be bothered or interested as to what was going on in the Exclusive World of Setters. Oh my how cheesy!!!!! but non the less true
don't worry Dee, just wanted to defend the people who can't afford a house with garden but can be good with a dog in a flat!
i remember how surprised i was about 9 years ago when seeing puppy contracts on websites of US breeders for example, stating that no pups are to be sold to appartments, only houses with fenced yards... and just couldn't understand the reason...
I think that it is a kind of 'Elitism' its like the 'Ageism' I am very lucky to have a house with a walled garden, that is all it is 'luck' I bought and sold at the rite time and I am now the O.A.P. so have had years to build to this, not everyone is so lucky.
As I said I have sold to people who couldn't afford to buy, I have been there so I wouldn't say NO to someone just because of not having got ALL the money or the WALLED garden.
A friend of mine wanted to get a dog from the 'rescue scheme' but they wouldn't let her have one because she didn't have a Walled Garden, she had 24 acres so I got her a dog that wasn't wanted any more, he has been with my friend now for a few years, and is the happiest dog you could think of, loved by everyone.
As I said it is the PERSON not the wealth or housing. Again I meant no offence
i know Dee! no problems at all!!! really!!!




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