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any help......i'm conflicted / desperate for answers /opinions......

I posted a little while ago about my best friend "max" who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma....yet told he might not have such condition...spindell call sarcoma is considered.............much needed help is my last option to consider what to do next....


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Hi Rich,
I felt I had to write back to you although I am not a vet only a breeder and I have not experienced cancer in my dogs. But I feel you need to know that there are people out there thinking of you and Max.... How is Max doing now after the surgery? Does your vet recommend more treatment! What kind of treatment? What are the options? I think you are entitled to ask as many questions as possible especially if there was a wrong diagnostic originally.I think there will be somebody on this forum with more knowledge than me. Don't despair.Be strong for Max! Best regards, Catherine.
I have had no experience with cancer at all. I hope everything is going well with Max and you. I do have a three legged cat who lost her front leg at 3 days old and she gets along fine with just 3 legs. You really do not notice it at all. I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about Max and you and hope everything is going ok. It can be very fustrating when our dog are not feeling well.
Kathie Jo




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