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hi all,

just wondering if anyone has any ideas for solving travel sickness, alfie is 4mths old and every since i have had him, he has been anxious and sick in the car, ive tried a few things, taking him on little drives arround my village every day, ginger biscuits, sickness tablets, putting him in the boot and the back seat and im running out of ideas can anyone help?

amanda, holly and alfie

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all the travel sick dogs i knew, grew it out with age, except for one.
i never had the problem, so i can't give any advise but there are many people here, i am sure somebody can come up with a good idea that works for your baby.
I agree with Laura. My Luna had a horibble car sicness. So...we start travel by train - it works, but doesn't solved the problem.
We start cure her - Medicines didn't work too, and dog was in bad condition.
We start practising her in a car.
First we travel only on the motorway, than on a good quality local road and now we travel also on a mountain road.
She doesn't sick up now, she drools ;) so we take lots of towels...
Problem of car sicness doesn't exist when she is so tired, that she sleeps during the way.
Caroline and Lusia
My father's Ginger had this problem for the first 1-2 years of her life. We managed quite well on longer (1hr) journeys with Sea Legs travel sickness tablets (Meclozine Hydrochloride BP 12.5mg) and she grew out of the problem with time, but often drooled and would be sick if stretched too far (i.e. over winding mountain roads). She never really enjoyed the car.
Suggest you try D.A.P. (Dog Appeasing Pheromones) in addition to what you are already doing. Also feed your pup his regular meals in the parked car, making everything very positive.
In addition to Susan's suggestion have you tried using a crate or transport box in the car? Often dogs get sick from looking at the lanscape rushing past outside and leaving the dog in the crate where he can't see the window might help. Also leaving the window open slightly can help appease the stomach. I've also heard that offering them a bit of sugar to lick from your finger before leaving can help - although I don't know whether you want to do this as it's not exactly great for the teeth...
thanks for your suggestions, im definately going to get a dap spray, i think that will help him alot in the car, i put his blanket from his crate in the car this morning, so that it would smell of his bed, and he was lots better, infact he wasnt sick or droolly on the way to the woods or back, so this morning was a very positive journey for him, but i think the dap spray will just chill him out a little, as he kind of sits in the car and is too scared to move!! he looks so worried, poor little thing!!! im sure he will grow out of it, but its so worrying when hes being sick. so thanks again.

amanda, holly and alfie
hi ,i think you are doing all right things and sooner rather than later alfie will grow out of it.my layla used to be the same
Dear Amanda,

In addition to the already given advices I will share our experiences. I started “introduce” the car to my first setter Dinni since she was also ca 3-4 months’ s old but she got sick every time we took the drive. I tried various cars, as cares moves differently and some of them could be softer on the rolling as other, it was not too much difference in reactions of the puppy. Even our trips were short and connected with something nice, for example the walking in other place etc. she got sick every time or mostly every time. I was advised to make the car so much comfortable for her as it was possible, as already advised also to you, I gave food in the car, to let her sleep in the car etc. Also much safer feeling for the puppy will be, if you will hold her next time in your arms during the driving. Anyway I tried it all but my Dinni got rid of the travel sickens after we took the journey to Germany, when she was 7 month old and we lived for couple days in minivan, so we drove ca 2000 km, were connected to the care for 3 or 4 days and she never got sick in the car anymore after this trip, she just got used with living in the care and rolling all the time. And what is interesting we took several boat trips in Germany and Dinni never got sick on them.
Also it seems to me that it could be good idea to try use a bus or bigger care as puppy feels in big closed space much safer.

With the best greetings from cold Tallinn and good luck
Natalja, Dinni, Aly, Fairy and Angel
My Irish girl would get very car sick as a baby. Meds didn't work. I use to play a game with her, whereas I'd put her lead on, we'd go to the car, leave all 4 doors open, she'd jump in and I'd sit next to her. We would sit there for a few minutes, talk calmly with her, patting her, then we'd get out. We'd get out the opposite door to what we got in. Do the same thing again, and with all doors open still. Then we'd get out and praise her heaps and go out the back and play a game, give a treat, etc.. This might seem silly, but it really did work for us, and I got this advice from a very experienced trainer who has written many books here in Australia. I would do this each day for about a week, then we'd go for a very tiny ride, just around our block. Come home, heaps of praise and a play. The next time we would play the game again, go nowhere.

Tess is 6 now, and is wonderful in the car. I think it's in their head also and they have a fear that they're going to always be sick. Once they have a few trips and nothing happens and they're fine, then they seem to get over it. Also, like Laura said, I think they do grow out of it, but in the meantime, it's awful.

Good luck Amanda.

Lynn from Oz. & Tess (Irish Setter) & Megg (English Setter)
hi everyone,

thanks for everyones replies, they have really helped alot, alfie is now much better in the car, i put his blanket from his bed in the car, and he gets curled up on that. we have been on quite a few journeys in the car now, and he hasnt been sick at all and no drooling!!!, as he has got bigger, i think it has also helped him being able to see out of the window. so hopefully he will carry on growing out of sickness. so thanks again for all your advice.

amanda, holly and alfie
Try Sealegs travel sickness tablets. They are the only ones we have found that work. Give your dog one tablet the evening before you plan to travel. In bad cases give a further tablet a few hours before travel.
Normally Irish Setters will gow out of travel sickness.

Kind regards
Colin & Pamela Waddell
I have found the same, I used to give mine half a Sealegs each time I would go on a long journey, but I too find that they get over the sickness after a few months, and now I don't need anything, give it try it can't do any harm, but it must be Sealegs...I only give half about half an hour before the journey starts, but eather will be good enough just to kick the habit of being sick.




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