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Any advice on this disgusting habit Harvey has would be greatly appreciated as my title says Harvey's eating poop and he's not always fussy who's he eats its disgusting if I catch him and shout at him he stops but if I am not their I know he's done it as there are tell tale signs it's spoiling our walks as if he's any distance from me and I shout he tries to eat it before I can get to him in the gardens not so bad because he knows I'm not far from him is it something lacking in his diet he's on royal canine

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You could try pineapple chunks in his food. It worked on one of mine long enough to break the habit.

I agree its disgusting but I don't know why they do it:( We have bouts of it from time to time, but they have the same food all the time so I don't think its that. 

I hav tried pineapple which stops him eating his but not others while out walking
Thanks for your replies do you have any thoughts on which food I can change to

Oh yes, sorry, pineapple won't help with other dog's poo, or horses excreta, which is something my bitches were very keen on - ugh!!

Yes... We too have had the same problem. Athough long past now it made me remember....when friends came for a BBQ everyone was on pooch watch!! I didn't want to scream at my beloved boy" don't eat that" while friends were enjoying there sausages and hamburgers :0) But very true most seem to go through it at some stage! Hang in there Angeline it soon hopefully will be a distant memory.

But they still all roll in and eat the fresh Roo, Cow, Chook, sheep and alpaca poo!!! Anybody would think I didn't feed them.

That's a funny post Dianne! heehee

You know a young adolescent pup loves attention and with you getting cross he's getting it in spades.
I think if you could stop making a big deal about it to the point of ignoring it he will possible stop in time.
Start by cleaning up as soon as he poos at home in the yard, out walking you could put him on the leash and just quietly say yuk of he goes to eat poo. I feel you will find most dogs find certain animals poo delicious and what we may find disgusting is almost normal in many circumstances. My boy will sometimes go for possum poo but if I say ah yucky most times he leaves it no need to yell. Takes a little time but if you stop reacting it might get boring. Good luck.
You asked about diet Angeline! I too was told it might be diet related all those years ago. I was feeding royal canin with cooked food back then, can't say those foods caused him to eat poo but the vet did say that they sometimes will eat poo if there lacking something in there diet! I still feed a top end kibble but have introduced raw food with much success all round. Hope someone can give you some suggestions on what to feed as I'm not that knowledgeable on diets. I believe your lucky, you have a young setter and fed properly from the begining can help with a long healthy living Irish :0) Take care
Kimberly ... It is funny now looking back on those very special BBQ'S!! LOL Hmmm don't seem to get many acceptances from friends to come for a BBQ these days!! I wonder :0)))

Hi Angeline.

Both my boys were poo eaters as pups and I figured they would just grow out of it. Well, Keba did and Rooker didn't.  I tried all the different cures I could find.  My boys still love pineapple but it didn't work. The literature said if the habit persists, it could be an absorption and dietary issue. I was finding this aspect difficult to believe in Rookers case as he seemed perfectly healthy. and I was like,' No way".  As he got a little older and he persisted with his own dietary supplements, I became willing to look at his diet particularly as he seemed to be having too many loose stools. They were on a high quality chicken and soy based dry food.  I removed the dry food and he received a cooked chicken and rice diet for a week but the loose stools continued and the poo eating seemed to increase.  So I then gradually started him on beef based, no grain dry food diet and 'voila', all solid poos and no more snacking between meals. I was amazed but that was the problem all along.  Moral of story-check out all possibilities

Thanks rob which food do you use as I think maybe it is his food his poos are of a ready break texture a bit too mushy (sorry ) and he's the same. Likes pineapple but doesn't stop him eating others poop

Hi Angeline,

Every time we take out a fresh pineapple, it starts a riot.

Not sure from your profile where you are but I'm in the US. I am feeding the 4Health brand Beef and Potato to Rooker and Keba gets the 4Health Performance. Both are high protein and fat content but my boys are very active. The nice thing is they only get 4cups a piece per day and maintain there weight nicely. They are both about 75#. The Beef and Potato has no grain at all. They have salmon and turkey in this line as well.  I may change my diet.

I don't know if this an answer for you and  I hope you find something that works.




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