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i have two beautiful girls now aged 9 months

I am a bit concerned about one of them - she comes back when called - the other acts like a real setter and ignores me until she feels like it.

Does anyone else have a setter that displays this unusual behaviour and should I be worried

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Lucky you, do you want to swop with our Saffy?? LOL!! Who typically comes when she feels like it!!!!!!!!!!!!



Not quite what I expected but it will do!

The ultimate setter owner will definitely buy one of these =)


After reading (and having a giggle) at the replies to this discussion, I wonder if I am sometimes too strict with my 'girls'.

You all seem quite chilled and not overly concerned that your dogs don't always respond to your requests for them to return to you when called and are most surprised when they do!

I expect all my 'girls' to respond to me immediately (and they do), not only with recall but all basic commands. 

I thought they were 'normal setters' but now I realize they are brain washed setters instead!

Even Freya is having training lessons and she's only just 10 weeks old.

Im beginning to think Im a control freak!!


Yes Sue,  I reckon a appointment with a psychologist is needed........for me!!
Oh Dear, mine must be abnormal too;o)) Thay all come when called, even the cat does;o))))

My cats do too!!! :) 


........and mine!
Mine used to run off when a bit younger. He is 2 now and does come when called. I got one of those spray collars and the minute he used to run off and decide not to come back I would spray him and he would come running back to me. I now don't need to use the collar as he just automatically comes to my high pitch sounding voice when I call him.  They seem to listen to the high pitch voice more.
mmm....the spray collars worked beautifully for my eldest two but Harry......I would activate the spray, he would stop, toss his head as if to clear it ( a real prima donna!!) and carry on regardless!! I agree about the high pitched voice though adn all of them are much more responsive to a whistle....when the wind is in the right direction of course lol!!

The high pitched voice is a problem for me,I do try but fail miserably.I have tried using a whistle and Arthur will turn his head and look and carry on.I leap up and down waving my arms like a demented Wurzel Gummidge to make myself interesting but to no avail.

Today Arthur was as high as a kite ,I had let him off in the park and he was crazy.I got a bit worried as I thought he might run off and managed to catch him by offering treats to Fred which got Arthur's attention.I walked him on lead after that and he calmed down a bit.Fred is much less like a 'normal' setter since Arthur reached 8 months old,even coming back.Ellie is,as usual,a paragon of virtue!

I will get a spray collar and try it.

I quite understand Sue... I have taught Charlie not to jump up, as obviously, as all setters he is a tall strong dog... and we did great teaching it, cause we have four kids and he quickly realised jumping up at any of us resulted in a big telling off and being taken away from us for a short while. Then he meets strangers, and while many are great and say 'no' if he gets over-excited, there is a whole crowd who go wild over him and call him and tap their chest and shriek with joy if he jumps up... then when I say 'no, Charlie, down', and (bless him) he reluctantly comes down, they say 'oh it's ok, I don't mind'.... If they're chatty I explain to them that not everyone likes a huge dog to pounce on them, if they're not the 'listen and talk' kind, I just say I have four kids and all their friends and he has to learn to remain on his four paws so he doesn't push anyone over... but some never listen, especially men (not a judgement on men here, just some men) who want to show their dog-friendly side and obviously cause they're tall and strong they don't mind... but I have to remind them not everyone around is physically able to take a setter jumping at them...




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