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A smile,a chuckle to a tear jerking rip snorting belly laugh.

I read Silvia's "New Discussions?" post, although I have signed up for Facebook I don't use it, (thought I was the only one) so with the heating on, it being chilly about 12-15 degrees out, raining and damp when it doesn't I thought I'd like to hear a cute or funny or embarrassing which turned out to be funny moment which involved your setter(s) past or present no matter how small or lame you think it is, don't be shy (if this has already been discussed apologies).

So, I'll go first - I went with the 3.8 kg pork roast, yes it is a bit big but I thought I can use the leftover the next day in a hearty stew and by the time I got home it was a bit late going into the oven then threw in the veggies and cleaned up, never mind, I think, it's worth the wait.

Now, with an independent husband and a 16 year old who likes to think she is,everything is right with the world, my man is home sitting in his recliner watching the news waiting for dinner, everything is done the smell is wonderful so warm and inviting, my pork leg is cooked to perfection and is resting proudly on the table while the veggies finish..

I come back into the kitchen. My better half stumbles to his feet to my impassioned screech, "Oh God, HE'S GOT THE ROAST"

And where's our daughter? Outside,curled up on the trampoline, with her headphones on furiously punching letters into the phone. Out of the corner of her eye she notices the door fly open with Oscar exiting in full flight, ears flapping followed closely by the roast and the door slamming shut. She cautiously takes one earphone out to hear "Now, now you can have a bloody sandwich" as I take my better half to task. And Oscar unashamedly settled himself under the trampoline tucking in to what he had started. Yep. And the next night? We had toasty cheese.


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ha ha ha - such a devil!!! :))
nice blog, i bet we will read lots of funny stories soon ;)

Yeah, I can laugh now but at the time..God love him

 My dog Ellie managed to open the fridge door late on Christmas Eve and ate everything in it!  She wasn't even sick! 

 Ha ha, enjoyed her Xmas pud did she? Really, I feel for you, and on Christmas Eve too- what I want to know is how? How do they know to open the door!  (Oh- you didn't have a pork leg in there did you?)

I'm sure they sit up at night and think these things up, probably think hang on, how come they have all the good stuff and I what do I get- a cup of biscuit oh well, soon fix that.   

I bought pig ears right, the pet factory had 50 pig ears for $50 dollars so I thought ooh bargain so I bought the box but he was helping himself from the pantry every time the pantry door was slightly ajar so I hid them under the laundry sink. I couldn't understand how he was getting them there so when I heard a noise I watched - he kept pawing until the catch on the door sprang open.

This is going off at a tangent, I'm not sure where you are but I was watching a TV show where this English lady(can't remember her name), she's in her 30's, slim. Dark hair, pretty. She helps people if they have a problem with their dog - like a dog whisperer. Anyway, this American lady had 3 weimaraners, 1 of them worked out how to open the cupboard door and was helping himself to anything in it- except it wasn't at bench level, it was high up. He just put both paws on the bench and pushed the cupboard door open with his snout sort of from underneath. They set up the camera to film the dog when the owners weren't there so you could see him in action.    

I think you are right Marie. They must be up for hours thinking about how to get into places




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