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pet4homes has another oldy looking for a loving home.. a very nice  IS lady, 9yrs old, is on sale for 100£, i think the area is salisbury, the ads said is due to the owner illenss .. I hope somebody can give her some love and a new home soon...  

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For sale ! ! !  It can't be ! ! ! ! A dog who is looking for a new family , excuse me , it's GRATIS ! ! ! Just wants many hugs !

hi jean, i saw some worse... once i have seen dogs for rehoming advertised on a website called "preloved.co.uk".. now, ok, i understand that people desperately seeking for a new home would use any kind of tool, web, etc.. but how could you put your friend on something called "preloved"?? it looked to me sad... anyway, if the dog find a home and lot of love  he'll never know the name of the website where it has been advertised, so is probably just me being hypersensitive or stupidly romantic for nothing..and people is just pragmatic..  just to chat;)

Hi Jean, I felt the same way, but I think the theory behind the price is that you care for something that you have an investment in. So if you pay for a pet, the better you will value that pet....not saying it always works but that's the idea about not giving something for nothing....

Oh she beautiful and looks so sad,i really hope she gets a loving home soon

hi jean, i dont know what to say... i have been explained that sometimes people just put a sort of simbolic price, just to deterr uninterested people, or, better, to screen those that shows at least some genuine interest to be available to spend some money.. 100£ looks as this sort.... but, yes, karen, she looks lovely and sooo sad.. if i only had some space i would take her.. 

Oh she looks lovely . Do you think a 3.5 yr old setter boy would be too much for her?
She might be perfect for him ....are you thinking about it? Let us know , it would be so nice to know she went to a lovely home :-)
Well , we want another setter but cos I am still finishing my studies are delaying it. However an older dog would be okay with less daily attention than a youngster and settle with Reuben in my absence and be able to be left for 4/5 hrs twice a week. She looks lovely but I need to convince hubby and find out more and also consider costs of an older one with insurance etc. She definitely appeals to me a lot!

Hi Louise! I dont have any contact with the ads, I just have seen it.. so, I suggest you contact the owner to ask directly about the character/needs of this particular girl? I am sure many others in this website can also share experiences on having young and old dogs :) good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Silvia, I have sent owner an email for more information.

I rang the number at 6.30 last night and got answer machine, have not had a call back yet. I was going to ask the line she comes from before I contacted my friend in Worthing, as my Abbie is also 9 in May ( yes lots of dogs will be 9 in May.) If she is from the same litter anyone interested should ask to see the vet notes, just in case. She is lovely isnt she.

All the best louise and Angela, I hope she comes to live in one of your homes.
She would be obviously much loved with either of you :))




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