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pet4homes has another oldy looking for a loving home.. a very nice  IS lady, 9yrs old, is on sale for 100£, i think the area is salisbury, the ads said is due to the owner illenss .. I hope somebody can give her some love and a new home soon...  

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any news on this lovely Lady ?

Hi Karen, I have just had a response from the owner saying Ziggy has found a good home.

Oh thats great news,Thanks for letting me know Louise,Shes along way down the country from me and my current home is far from suitable for a large dog being close to the centre of Wakefield every walk would start with a 2-3 mile car journey,but i was worried they might struggle to home her with her age and potiential vet bills.I do hope shes found a forever home.

Great news, she must have been rehomed very quick, as I said I rang at 6.30 on Monday left a message but did not get a reply. Shame my friend in worthing didnt have her , as we could have had updates. The good thing is she has a home and anyone taking on a dog at nearly 9 must realy want her.A thought for the owner it must have been heart wrenching to part with her, hopfully she is not to far away so maybe able to visit her first mum..... good luck Ziggy <;0)

oh this is a very very good news, thanks for posting!!! I am also pretty sure that anyone taking a dog at such bit of late age must love her, so good luck Ziggy for a new life! I hope she'll readapt soon :)

So good news for this beautiful lady ! 

sigh indeed.. and there is this terrible story posted as well, and searching for a very very special home..


That's wonderful news, we took on a 14 year old darling he was with us for 9 months, he taught us a lot about life in that short time....amazing what we learn from animals. :))
Hi Silvia, that's a very sad story about Ringo :( people can be so cruel. I pray Ringo finds the very best forever home with an equally special caring person....he deserves nothing less.




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