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What to do with'' wings''.


My young dog has flicks, hair on the sides of his neck that doesn't lie flat. I trimmed them off short with thinning scissors for Crufts, but all it did was expose the undercoat, so he was left with paler shadows over his shoulders. So since Crufts, I have allowed this hair to grow back, but now it's quite long and flicking out at both sides in an untidy manner.


My last dog didn't have this, his coat lay flat in this area.


How do you all think I could best deal with this? Could I strip it with my finger and thumb? Or should I just go back to trimming it off with the thinners and not worry about the light patches.


I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks.


Dawn R.

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Thanks Barbara and Vivian. I think I'll try the towel thing first before I invest in a dry coat.

When I did it with the thinners I cut the top coat because it's only that, that sticks out. Iv'e looked at alot of head study photos, and lots of dogs have the same thing, just less so.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions.
Thanks all, these all sound like good plans to try.

I've certainly got decent size towels that would do the job, but I like the sound of Viv's stockinette. I'll give it a go and see what happens. Might even post a photo of him ''dressed up'' ha ha.

Got an Open Show this weekend, so a chance to practice before Border Union.
Anyone know where you can get a dry coat from?
Hi Dawn ,,My Digger had the same sticky out hair and I used to pluck them out as you would, wearing rubber gloves,,only take out the long hair and the others should flaten themselves ,,before you take him to the show,wet the hair ,,put on a band they use for Afghanhounds neck dont take off till you go in the ring as they say jobs a good un

these appear to be the most effective at the moment .. will be ordering some myself so if interested let me know and I'll add to order .. may get discount or at least some saving on P&P
rgds Sue
what about stripping??????




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