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My dog is still chewing rocks and swallowing them and the only solution, in this area, is a water-resistant spray. Any ideas? I have read about bitter apple and tabasco, but I need to devise something that kind of sticks, so it doesn't get washed off. I'm going to spray any rocks he brings up to the house, and also try and do large areas of rock and gravel outside. But I need to figure out what to put in it, if anyone has any suggestions?

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Hi I'm not sure if this will help you but it works for me keeping Cooper off my flowers and away from stone area in my garden. Well firstly he hates the hose so I leave it (doesn't have to be on) over the area I want to keep him away from. Amongst the stones I leave cut up lemons, as he doesn't like either the smell or taste of them. Seems to work for us so maybe if you know his pet hates you can work with that! Best of luck as I know how worrying it is when they eat things that are potentially dangerous to them.
Thanks, yes I think a many-pronged attack is a good idea, and hopefully I can discover something like you describe, but I am dealing with the silliest dog in the world - I'm pretty sure of that!
If only the lemon thing would work I would be set because I have all kinds of citrus trees on this property but he eats the fruit (of course). He also will happily chew on citronella coated things.
At the moment I just have a solution of tabasco in water, but it clogs up the sprayer a bit.
Oh well, persistence .. I'm spraying the rocks he brings up to the house, hopefully I can put him off all rocks like this. At least he doesn't seem to go back to the same rock after a taste of tabasco!
Update: this seems to be having somewhat of a deterrant effect: there are less rocks and gumnuts being brought up to the house, so hopefully it will stop completely, if I persevere.

On another anti-chewing problem, I have just discovered that a bit of cayenne pepper, mixed with mentholated, petroleum jelly (like the chest-rub products for colds) smeared over bandages stops chewing and water-proofs a bit, too.

Life with these dogs is like some kind of zoo/circus/mad-house!




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