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my boy zack is a year old now ....and he is highly jealous of anyone who tries to hug or sit near me ...INCLUDING my husband and son ...lol and so its needless to say my ### life is affected too...:D   my husband cannot even hug me and  sleep.... he comes right  in between us and will sleep off there or my son who is 17 tries to hug me he will push him away and come n hug me and want me to just pet him ....he is otherwise crazy about my husband and son ...as they are the ones who take him out 4 a walk   ....its really cute but just wondering if it will wear off ???/ he is very very loving and adorable ....love him so much

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Who spoils him in your family the most? Is that you?

I tell you a story of my friends and their setter Alex.

Men: husband and son are best friends for Alex, they play with him, walk him but also demand of him that he be polite, bring a ball....

She let Alex to do everything: to slip in their bed (on her husband place - during his absences, Walery didn't let him to get into bed), to eat from her plate...   She cooks for him special dishes. They start their morning walk from the visit in the shop to buy a roll and cream and she feeds Alex it at once. This is one of their rituals. During the walks with her the leader of the group is Alex. He can even lay down on the pavement when he doesn't want her to talk and go with other people for example with me and my dog. And she has to follow Alex.

i spoil him ...lol but its not like he is aggressive or something ...he does it in a playful way ....and we just laugh it off ...but sometimes i do wish he would go sleep in my son'd room and i am too soft to be strict ...:\

No jealousy here, but we haven't allowed for it either.

The older dog was jealous in the beginning when we hugged, but he soon learned that he would be completely ignored and that we might even walk away from him with that behaviour. The only time Cody is really jealous is when the older dog gets something where he is left out. Then he complains loudly.

I don't think it will wear off. I think you need to handle it now if you don't want the behavior to continue.

i hope it wears off ...although its too funny to see how he clings on like a baby...and is playful not with an aggressive streak ...

I would say they are a bit possesive in a very charming way, he is still so young it will get better when older...

he is definitely charming ...:)

Think you are right Sue the boys seem very affectionate, Finlay tries to sit next to me on the armchair which is a bit of a squash, funny thing is he doesn't like my daughters boyfriend sitting next to her on settee he will get up and sit between them, her boyfreind thinks i've trained him to do that (",) maybe i have

susan ya he is not at all aggressive...he is very very loving and adorable and very well trained and intelligent if i tell him to stay even 4 half n hour with his favorite food or toy he wont move at all .....it just does not work if anyone tries to get too close to me otherwise he listens to everyone 

no no he is not at all aggressive he is very loving n playful ...and he is very very disciplined and well trained .....as long as no one is getting 2 close 2 me ...lol but yes i would love 2 for once get full space 2 sleep on my own bed...:)

Pitanga is definetely jealous!

She just wishes she had me all to herself, even though she is not a warm and fuzzy dog! She has her very own version of showing affection, that to most people goes unnoticed: She looks at you, gives her bum for petting or "washes" ones hands very carefuly. And sometimes she has that look of "Why am I not an "only dog"???

She however knows that showing certain behaviours gets her nowhere, so she just goes to a corner and feels sorry for herself. 

Romã is the opposite! She loves sharing every detail of her life: If you try to giver her a treat without her mom noticing, she just goes and calls Pitanga so that she can get her share!

It's like he thinks you're his bitch, Shiva. My sister's boy is the same with her.

Mine aren't jealous but Arthur can sulk.I have had a bad chest and cough and wasn't well enough to take him for his usual walk,he knows what time it is(How do they do that?) and was keening for me to take him out.I eventually walked him but only for a very short way.When it came to feed time he sat with his back to me and ignored me and his food.Total " I'll make you suffer" look on his face when he did look at me.The silly thing was that it did worry me!




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