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In Germany an officially bred setter with FCI/VDH-documents costs about 900 € up to 1300 €. I wouldn`t get myself a dog without such documents (for many reasons) and so I would always pay that price. What else should I do...
I know breeders whose dogs (labradors) cost 1400 € and 1500 €. It`s the regular price for a brown labrador (they are "en vogue" at the moment, that`s why they are so expensive). I cannot decide if these prices are justified, as I´m no breeder and I don`t know how much it costs to bring up a litter (stud dog, vet, food etc.)
I know many people who bought their dogs at breeder`s who don`t breed officially, that means the dogs have no FCI/VDH-documents and cost 400 € to 600 €, people who bought their dogs at breeder`s like this to save money. I don`t have to mention that I think it is totally wrong to support these breeders. But I think the large regular prices "force" some people to do so. Don`t you think that puppies with documents are too expensive and lead people to socalled breeders and other obscure sellers?
Don`t get me wrong: I would never support any other breeder than one whose dogs have documents but I`m worried that these large prices help the wrong, if you understand what I mean...?

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I agree with Ursula, I would not be able to sell a puppy to someone I did not meet in person. Selling part is the worst part of breeding I think. I am also very strict not to sell to someone who is a full-time worker, unless they have solved the problem with someone who take care of the dog when working.
I don't know, but if price is a problem for you try a rescue :) There are lots of lads and lasses out there that need good homes :)
Just a comment to agree with every single word Ursula has written in connection this matter.
No need to tell anything more, she has done it for me! Thank you, Ursula!
I agree also Marta, Thanks Ursula. Everyone I know breeds only for the love of the breed and to improve their line. I can not believe how much they want for mix puppies and people are paying it Eleven years ago I had to give away oops puppies (Aussie -Lab). I have only breed one time, I spent more on care and stud fees then I made. I did get the puppy I was breeding for.
I can not see that lowering the price of pedigree dogs so that all can afford to own them, would give you the "right" type of owners.

To me, the type of person that will buy a dog becourse its cheap is not the type of puppy-buyer I would want anyway. The initial cost of the dog is only a very small proportion of what needs to be spent on a dog during its lifetime.

I dont think the type of puppy-buyer you are discribing Christine, is only found in Germany...I think they are all over the world. Judging by the fact that dogs looking for a new home at around the age of 1 year (at least in Sweden) are normally crossbreeds or purebreds without papers.
Meaning puppies that were once cheap and have now grown out of their "cute" puppy-stage.

I think there is also a difference in approach when you are selling puppies.
Serious breeders I know are constantly discuraging unsuitable people from buying their breed. I certainly know I am!
But if you just have a litter of say 10 puppies, without papers and with an uncertain background you may just want to sell them quickly (and perhaps make the profit you dreamt about).
Never mind if the home or owner is suitable.
Hi Christine,

Really? Are setters that expensive in Germany?
Here in Western Australia we paid $600 for each dog with papers, and from a reputable breeder(don't know what this is in Euro, guess about 400???). I know that another breeder takes about 700 Dollars, and I think even this is justified, as it costs a lot of time, money, expertise and committment (aehh, ist das richtig geschrieben?) to breed dogs properly.

It's so hard to talk about money, especially when it's about our darlings....but you are right. The German prices seem very high. And I agree with you that these prices support backyard breeders who have no clue. I would pay whatever it takes, and I would certainly not go to a puppy mill - or not buy a dog at all. After all, our best friends are worth more than all the money in the world and deserve the best weclome to the world.

Viele liebe Gruesse aus Australien!
Hi, Ilona,

yes, Setters in Germany cost about 1000€, Cocker Spaniels something around 800 to 900€. Twelve Years ago, we payed 1100 German Marks for Frizzi, that´s about 600€ nowadays.

Does any of the buyers of a car bother, if the manufacturer earns money by seling this car? If I want to buy a Mercedes, or in the case of dogs a specific breed, I will have to pay a certain amount of money. You know and I know as well as anybody else that this is a fact of life, you even have to pay taxes! (Mehrwertsteuer).

Second: Breeds were meant for a special kind of work, hunting for example or hearding cattle or sheep... Even with high prices it is hard enough to find the right people for purebred dogs, if erverybody could afford and buy them just because "they look so cute or elegant or whatever" you would get really big problems. There are enough people with "problematic" dogs like bored Australian Shepherds, Border Collies.

What have I´ve been told about Labradors! They are no retrievers, Labrador Retriever means Labrador X Golden Retriever! They are no hunting dogs, they are a family-dog breed.

If anyone doesn´t want to spend this amount of money on a dog and doesn´t want to support the wrong kind of breeders, I suggest going to animal shelters.

Have a nice weekend (and better weather, here it is raining and raining)






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