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I am afraid that this is not a letter I want to write.
My son found a lump on Arthur's foot on New Year's Eve.We got him to the vet's on Tuesday ,the first  day they were open,the vet took a needle biopsy but warned me that he thought it might be a tumour.We waited for the results and were very stressed about the wait.Last night, at about 8pm ,the vet 'phoned me.The results had just come back. Art has a malignant sarcoma.He is seeing an experienced surgeon on Monday who may operate then.The problem is that the growth is on top of his metatarsels and removing it and managing to get enough skin to suture afterwards will be difficult.
Art is very well and happy and we will make sure he stays that way if we can.He is not at all bothered by his foot.
I will keep you up to date.

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I'm very sorry to read this, Howard, and hope and pray that all goes well and the sarcoma can be removed totally. Hugs to your and Arthur, C & Joy xxx

My sincerest thoughts & prayers for a successful treatment for Arthur, Howard. I fully understand the worry you all will be going through. Best wishes.

Thank you for your kind words and prayers.

Really upsetting to hear this news, Howard. You've shared such lovely stories of Arthur growing up. I hope and pray he will get through this and you can share many more. All the best to you.

If it comes to it and Art has to have his hind leg amputated,I wonder if he will cope? I have had two cats with three legs but their body weight was a great deal less,obviously, but they coped very well.

I would love to hear your opinions.

Dear Howard, I really do hope, it does not come to that but I had a look on the internet and saw that the technic of prosthetics for dogs is quite advanced today and the dogs walking and running with them were not just small dogs, they were also labradors and German shepherds. Best wishes for today! 

Howard I hate hearing this. You all will be in thoughts and prayers for a very successful surgery for Arthur. 

Sherry and Molly

The surgery had to be cancelled this morning after my vet was taken ill.It is rebooked for Thursday.............the waiting is awful!

I have had some good advice that setters can cope well minus a rear leg but I hope this doesn't have to be the case.

Thanks for your kind words.

Howard hang in there ....I know waiting plus unknown are hard to handle. I'm praying the surgery will be successful and Arthur will come thru it fine. I just wanted you to know you all are in my thoughts.


I am so sorry to read this. Wishing you and Arthur all the best, try not to worry too much, keep positive. Ali xxx

Art is his usual happy self and has no idea he has a serious illness.We are trying to ensure he doesn't know our distress and emotions. .Life,for him, will carry on as he has always known it.Happy and carefree. No matter what happens.

Best thoughts & wishes for you all tomorrow, Howard.




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