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I am afraid that this is not a letter I want to write.
My son found a lump on Arthur's foot on New Year's Eve.We got him to the vet's on Tuesday ,the first  day they were open,the vet took a needle biopsy but warned me that he thought it might be a tumour.We waited for the results and were very stressed about the wait.Last night, at about 8pm ,the vet 'phoned me.The results had just come back. Art has a malignant sarcoma.He is seeing an experienced surgeon on Monday who may operate then.The problem is that the growth is on top of his metatarsels and removing it and managing to get enough skin to suture afterwards will be difficult.
Art is very well and happy and we will make sure he stays that way if we can.He is not at all bothered by his foot.
I will keep you up to date.

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this is the very wonderful news we were hoping for !!!!! I am glad you can all  breath again now, and all the best to Arthur for a speedy recovery! Arthur: we  all want to see pics of you running in the fields very soon, with the breeze in your ears and your  smiling face  : ))

a big hug and thanks for posting !!!!

Such good news! What a relief for all of you. Enjoy a relaxed weekend. Hugs and cuddles to Arthur.

Oh that's the best news...Be a good lad Arthur and get better soon!

He wanys to run now but is restricted ....pics will follow when he does!

Sympathy for trying to look after a setter who needs to be restricted. From my own experience, a nightmare.

So glad to hear your good news and looking forward to your pics of Arthur running around. All the best, Howard.

Arthur had his dressings removed on Thursday (26th) and the wound from the removal of the tumor is healing.It has now got a light dressing on it but must be kept dry, which is difficult in the rain and mud that we have got.However empty saline bags make excellent wellies for his foot.

He really wants to run, and  is his usual lively self , but he can't, as yet, so it is lead walking and pavements only at the moment.

Back to the vet's on Monday and ,hopefully ,his stitches will be removed.

He is well ,eating normally and happy (apart from his lack of running)!

I will keep in touch.

Happy to hear that it is all healing well.  Soon Arthur will be able to run again !!!

Arthur's wound has healed well and now he is free of dresings.He has to be street walked for a little longer to get his foot re-adjusted.He has lost the web between two toes.

He is happy and so are we!

he will be running in the fields again soon!

I need a 'like' button for your latest post !!! :-)

Brilliant !!!!!!!!!!! this is the good news  we want to hear : ))))

Great to hear, that Arthur is doing progress!! Hope the weather improves as well, when he is able to run again :-). 

Howard, I am so glad to read that Arthurs wound is healing well! Hope he can running soon!




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