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I am afraid that this is not a letter I want to write.
My son found a lump on Arthur's foot on New Year's Eve.We got him to the vet's on Tuesday ,the first  day they were open,the vet took a needle biopsy but warned me that he thought it might be a tumour.We waited for the results and were very stressed about the wait.Last night, at about 8pm ,the vet 'phoned me.The results had just come back. Art has a malignant sarcoma.He is seeing an experienced surgeon on Monday who may operate then.The problem is that the growth is on top of his metatarsels and removing it and managing to get enough skin to suture afterwards will be difficult.
Art is very well and happy and we will make sure he stays that way if we can.He is not at all bothered by his foot.
I will keep you up to date.

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best of luck Arthur... Howard, i am really sorry. i hope things are not too bad today....

Sorry to hear this Howard. Hope all is well with Arthur. Our Padi had his toe off due to sarcoma and no one noticed in the show ring! Its a shame Arthur's tumour is in the meta-tarsal area, but I hope it will be good news...

Art had his operation and we got him home last night after a very worrying day.

Our vet thinks that he managed to remove all the cancer mass and has been able to join skin over the wound ,which was difficult.

We wait for the results of a further biopsy to find out the grade of cancer that he has.Then it will be decided what,if any, further treatment is needed.

He is still groggy from his anaesthetic but is eating normally.

We can only walk him in the garden ,on lead,  for a week and then a little further .Of course ,his dressing has to be kept dry.Old saline solution bags make a great 'boot'.I was up at 3am this morning to take him out as he normally uses his dog flap.Unfortunately he can't put his boot on!

We are feeling a lot more relaxed and will give Arthur the best life we can,

Thank you all for your kind words.My wife and I really appreciated them.


Dear Howard glad he is home..no amputation at all I understand?

Glad to hear that, Howard, and hope all further report is positive! Speedy recovery, Arthur! 

Hi Howard,

Just returned home from a holiday in France and saw your post. I am glad to see the operation went well. Wishing Arthur a speedy recovery now xxxxx

Great positive news, Howard. Hopefully the biopsy results will be just as positive.

Howard,Joan and Arthur,

Happy to hear Arthur is home and hoping recovery will go well. I know it's worrying to wait for results and praying things will go well for Arthur. 


Keeping fingers crossed for good test results...One step at a time.. Hope Arthur understands the need to keep calm and not overdo things once the anaesthetic wears off completely!

Athur's renoved 'mass' proved to be  a grade one cancer which is the best it can be in terms of survival.No further treatment just close observation and back to vet if any changes .

He is as happy as ever and we just hope he has a few more years the same.

Thank you all for your support during,what has been, a very difficult and stressful time.

Joan and Howard

Howard ,

Thankyou for letting us know the results. I'm sure you're spoiling Arthur a wee bit more then normal. How is he doing with his recovery? I know once they feel better they can't understand confinement and are raring to go.  Hugs to you all.

Sherry and Molly

Thank you for the update. I was wondering when you were going to get the results. I am happy to hear that there is no more treatment to do and he has the best chance for survival. Give Arthur a hug from me and also hugs to you and Joan. xxxxx




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