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I sent the following message to Gene, and he replied " he thinks it a great idea"

Hi gene,

In disscusion Crufs 2013 Jane Turner came up with an idea about a badge for ES members, to wear at shows, to help other members find them.

I wonder would it be ok with you if I open a disscusion to invite members to submite designs and the one that gets the most faviourits becomes the badge. Members could down load the picture on to card and laminate it or have it put on Tshirt/ sweatshirt/ totebag etc. may lighten the disscusions and get people back together again.

So friends shall we do this ? If so ideas !!

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Great idea! But then what is the thing on the right-hand column on the home ES page that says get badge? :-)

It's a means of adding a headed link to Exclusively Setters from our own websites.


Dawn R.

Think it's a nice idea i went this year and met some people from ES a badge would of made it easier, but a ES member told me someone made ES rosettes for Crufts a few years ago that members who went bought (",)

Yes that's right, I have rosettes from both years that they were available.

Unforunately there were some people that ordered rosettes and then did not pay for them, leaving the organiser with a big bill. So ES Crufts rosettes were only available two years. They are gorgeous though and a beautiful momento. There was also an ES photo call those years too, the pictures are here somewhere unless they were lost when past members left ES.


Dawn R.

Angela, that's a fantastic and very practical idea.

I think the badge will be great, certainly less extravagant and much easier to wear than a rosette.
Nobody loses photographs when leaving ES as I am sure any pro photographer makes sure to first keep their own photos on their own computer, and then it makes sense to always keep back-up updated regularly .

Hi Catherine, I didn't mean that the photographer would lose the pictures. Rather , that the pictures would disapear from ES if the photographer left ES permanently. Sorry for any confusion I have caused.


Dawn R.

If you go on Gene's page.....at the top of it there is a logo of an Irish Setter on top of the World....perhaps we could use this if Gene agrees.....or perhaps we have to find out about copyright first? :-)

Well noticed Catherine, I think it is very fitting and would make a great logo, with exclusivley setters around it. This would save trying to organise a competion of members ideas.

Cann`t find out if this has cooyright at the moment, but if changed a bit would be ok.

Maybe have siluettes ( or how ever you spell it ) of 4 setters around the globe, with a double circle around the image and "Exclusivly Setters" in that band.No copyright to worry about then.

Why not ask Gene? It is his site, he should be the one deciding what best would represent it, I think . :-)

I completely agree with you catherine, I didn`t want to put more on him than he has already. This is why I messaged him for his approval, before I posted the disscusion.




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