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Hello everyone!

My Ruby loves the mud and every walk can guarantee a puddle even on hot summer days smellier the better.

Was wondering how often you bath your setters and what products you all use?


Kate and ruby x

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Ha ha! That sounds like a setter! Most of mine love mud and water, and as you say, summer is no problem. They can sniff out a water source from miles away:)

I used to bath them frequently because of shows, but we don't show much now, so theyall get a shower down of their lower half when we get back from very dirty walks, and full bath every couple of months, unless they really need it in between. (There's always one!!)

I don't use any fancy products, just a peppermint shampoo from Dorwest and Pantene conditioner on the feathering.

Yes Finlay and I both use Pantene conditioner (",)
Hi Kate my daughters English Setter sounds like Ruby, she loves the water and also does canicross and gets very muddy.
My daughter has recently purchased a Hozelock Porta Shower, she is very pleased as it saves her bathing Daisy every time she comes home after a very muddy run.
My male setter is not so keen on water and a shower once a month unless he has been in the sea keeps him looking good.
I normally order Groomers shampoos etc. online.

Oh WOW! I really WANT that hozelock shower now:) is the 7lt one good enough for a setter rinsing? my husband is skeptical, but we dont have water outside our house or in the garden so  i really wish one !

Oberon has a shower every few months, more in summer or when is coming home too muddy. Actually, in summer when camping we have a shower every evening, but this is because of the sand, etc.. I use normal dog shampoo nothing fancy or (much cheaper!) big bottles of baby shampoo.. But  hem hem I admit that we share an expensive redken  conditioner that i buy in internet in large 1litre size bottles (since i noticed that a little bit of a good one here and there is more detangling than a large amount of a cheap one..)..

I've just looked up the Hozelock Porta Shower and found it's on offer with Amazon at the moment, around £20 instead of £65! Thanks for the tip Valerie, I'm off to order one!

We have to wash Rufus down after certain walks due to mud, mud, glorious mud. Most dirt just falls off usually as his coat is like Teflon, but this mud sticks. The Porta shower will be a blessing, although I'm sure he'll hate it!!
My boy jumps in his shell which so full to the brim after his walk every day summer and winter.
So underneath is spotless and I just wait till he's dry and groom
him never worry about bathing him he doesn't smell.
Do pop anti tangle spray on him so that is a lovely smell.

I use Groomers Royal Crown Shampoo and their Avocado & Cucumber conditioner for between shows and Plush Puppy for a show bath.  We average a show a fortnight so Rigsby always has a full bath the night before so it's essential to use a mild, conditioning shampoo.  I wash and condition the feathering once a week making sure that the coat is thoroughly saturated and making sure it's rinsed out properly.  The shampoo is less important than HOW you bathe the dog.     

I try to avoid the top coat if I can but always swill down the feathers when we get home.  I've started using a Pantene leave in conditioner for the feathers and try to avoid the hairdryer unless I have to, as it will dry out the coat.  

During the summer, I take them to a clean river area and that will wash out the dust and it's just then a case of applying some protective conditioner and combing through.

A lot of the online Pet stockists will say that you shouldn't use a human shampoo on a dog as it is too harsh and will dry out the coat but I know that many exhibitors use Pantene and seem very happy with it.  I asked a few coming out of the ring at Crufts and all their coats gleamed, the dogs that is not the handlers!  The secret is finding one that will condition the coat, rinse well and then apply a conditioner to protect it from the elements.

Think Pantene is missing a trick with there advertising they could increase there sales with a Setter in there adverts (",)

Hi Kate and Ruby

I have had to bath my English Setter, Hobson every few days because of his yeast imbalance problem. I only use natural/organic products that only contain natural ingredients. Now that Hobson has improved a little I bath him once a week and sometimes I can extend this to 10 days. After shampooing, I use a natural conditioner which I apply to the body hair and feathering. The natural products have helped Hobson much more than the vet recommended products that contain chemicals and preservatives.

I bath my young English Setter, Misty every 3 weeks or so depending on where she ends up. If she goes into a dirty dam and it is too late to bath her, I hose her to remove the "grime" and then bath her as soon as I can. I use the same natural products. Misty has a lovely long coat which she has maintained despite the intense heat and humidity and her "adventures". Misty's coat is not difficult for me to comb after she has been bathed and dried naturally.

Neither Misty or Hobson get fleas.


We use pantene as well and the boys coats always receive comments. I dilute both the shampoo and conditioner in water in a squeeze bottle so it not as concentrated. In the bath once every 2 months now we are not showing.


I bath Bailey once a month if not more often depending on what she gets into.  I use a Paul Mitchel aaaapooooch has conditioner in it which keeps her fresh and shiny.  She also loves to hit every puddle she can.

You probably think me crazy but until recently I bathed my boys once in a blue moon! Only when they got really yucky would they receive a hose down outside which understandably wasn't much appreciated during the colder months. Luckily this weekend I finally had a brainwave and managed to install a connector to the kitchen tap and with the help of a short garden hose I now have warm water out in garden - bliss when your dogs don't do bathrooms.

I use NAF horse shampoo "Wash & Show for Redheads", i.e.  chestnusts and bays. It contains elderflower and red clover which enhances the natural colour and smells lovely. No need for conditioner either.  :)




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