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This is a question from our friends from Ireland:)

we are considering to have a short break in Dublin around the beginning of August, joining some friends who are travelling in Ireland for a couple of weeks. For us it will be just 4 days or so, coming from London by car and joining them in Dublin at the end of their trip.

I am looking at some nice places around Dublin and I see there seems to be great beaches but in all the websites that I see so far is written that.. dog are only allowed in Ireland beaches if they are on lead?? And no way they can enter a bar or a restaurant? is this true? Obviously it woudnt be so good if we travel till there and then Oberon must stay on lead for all the 4 days..

any suggestion?

thanks!!! cheers


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Silvia, are you arriving into rosslare or dublin? Afraid most pubs and certainly restaurants aren't

Dog friendly although a lot of pubs have outdoor areas which would facilitate dogs. Lots of nice beaches in wexford and dogs can be allowed off lead. I'm not familiar with dublin beaches  but I think that there are by laws requiring dogs to be on leads on some. Wicklow / dublin mountains have some great walks.  

Hi Silvia, I cannot say about beaches in Dublin, but I have let my dogs off for runs on other beaches in Ireland!! And dogs are not alllowed in restaurants or pubs ;o( You could bring your dog to the Phoenix Park in Dublin and let him off in the quiet areas, away from roads or the deer, I think?? Just bring poo bags and clean up after him!! Hope you have a lovely time, and a pity you wont have time to visit here ;o))

thanks a lot, i see!

i think the idea is to travel to rosslare with the car on the ferry... I see that our Mac (Chantal and David) has lot of wonderful pictures of ireland beaches with free dogs, but if we stay just a long week end is not worth to travel till the west coast.. our plan was to spend two nights in a coastal area nearby, for oberon, and two nights in dublin with our friends, but if we realize that this region is not good for leaving oberon off lead we can consider to change..or go for the walks in the main land, as john is suggesting:) I will check wexford and wicklow, and thanks Carmel for the very nice invitation, i would love to see you, but maybe next time, with more days  :)))

Dear John , may you mention the names of the beaches near wexford that you like more? sounds as we can visit that zone or even bit more south! Thanks a lot!!

Hi Silvia,

We live right up on the north coast and it's usually the beaches up there that we visit, although we did have a lot of fun in Kerry last August. From Easter until the end of September there are restrictions on some beaches near us regarding dogs. They may have to be on leads, or are not allowed there between 9am amd 8pm. I tend to go early in the morning or in the evening anyway.

Our local council recently tried to introduce such legislation to most beaches where we go. We successfully stopped them, since they only had jurisdiction above the high water line, and the rest of the beach is Crown property.

I don't know the situation around the Dublin area, or I would be glad to help!

 SiLvia loads of beaches immediately adjacent to rosslare itself area around kellys resort quite good. I usually walk brad at garyvoe the shangarry end of the beach is usually deserted.  Admore and tramore are also long beaches and areas away from towns are suitable for a galloping setter. On way to dublin brittas bay in Wicklow would be worth checking out. In wicklow glendalogh and blessington lake are much bigger than David's reservoir and there are good walks from there, mountains are also quite good. Carmels suggestion about the phoenix park is a very good one. In dublin malahide might be worth ckecking out. Would also advise that observation of lead walking is commonly ignored.

Super, thanks everybody!! We are looking forward now :)

and well done David for stopping the council's action :)

I think the best beach I have ever been on is down in Kerry - Ross beigh. miles and miles of white sand.

Lusk is no the way into Dublin on the airport side and there are several other beaches . I think the majority ae dog friendly. Dont be surprised if people openly admire your setter. Have a wonderful time!




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