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We just found out that several of Blues siblings have bee allergies, two ended up in the hospital for a couple of days. My vet says benadryl, but I have been reading that in severe cases the throat can swell and that makes it difficult to get medicine into them. I have bought a bottle of liquid benedril and put it in my doggie kit with a childs cough syrup syringe just in case. Doc says they don't do epi pens for dogs but I have read where some people use a childs epi pen and it saved the life of the dog. My question is: What happens if I'm out in nowhere land and Blue reacts badly to a bee sting? Has anyone had to deal with this problem? It sounds like such a nightmare!

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This does sound like a nightmare. I haven`t got any advice or answers for you, but I am pleased that you have started this discussion as my 1 year old catches anything that flies or crawls and I shall watch replies with interest. I shall purchase benadryl and a syringe just incase. Thank you for starting this discussion and I hope someone has answers for you, take care <:0)

Hi Pat. My 3 year old Irish Setter Steo had an allergic reaction when he was under a year old. He had been playing with a toy in the garden, and bit onto a type of bee that had settled on it . He went down almost immediately and clearly was in a poor way. I found the insect and took it along with Steo to the vet about 10 minutes away.

There was no swelling in his mouth or throat but he had gone into shock so had an injection of adrenaline and an antihistamine injection. He was ok and didn't have to stay in, but we always carry Piriton and I have to keep a close eye on him when we're out.

So far so good, but it can rule your life if you're not careful. All the other dogs stalk bees in the garden, but Steo usually ignores them. Perhaps he's learnt his lesson!

My late dog Albert had an allergy reaction from a bee sting on the way to the vet's.He gave him Piriton and it worked.I always have some with me and in the house....just in case! But my two remaining dogs seem to be ok.

 I also have my own epipen as I am allergic to wasp stings!

this must be a worry. I have one friend whose dog has a bad reaction to stings (twice now). In summer she is never without anti histamine - in her bag or her pocket when she is walking them. Its there with her poo bag, whistle and treats. she uses Piriton.




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