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Being a Setter is...


...Running like the wind

...Sleeping with your belly up

...Mastering the art of owner training

...Putting on a mud coat and look even better

...Making your owner take off the mud coat... With a smile

...Being predictably unpredictable

...Knowing how to push sadness away

...Making a crowd laugh

...Melting hearts with a single look

...Being the best kept secret in the canine world!


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Sitting with bottom on one stair and front paws on the next one or two down. Do hope someone is compiling a book of all the comments

Lying on their back and juggling a toy between their paws with their legs outstretched

...and I do apologise that she was in the bathroom so the toilet is in the background. 

Well done Teresa for the idea of the thread, really enjoyed it.

We could probably end this thread with that photo


I'm going to put all our ideas togheter and make a new discussion to elect the top ten!

Well done Teresa think you have enough for a book - could be a best seller in the - IS world!!!

I agree:)) well, we can see the toilet but its not important: this pics summarize the setter behaviour wonderfully :)))))


I also agree with all people who posted on the paws issue: not sure why , but for some reasons setter seems to be pawsy and pawsy all times.. they use more their paws than their mouth!!! Why is that? Is not peculiar for a dog? we still laugh all times when oberon try to catch sticks in the ponds/water/rivers with the paw instead of taking them with  the mouth,, so they goes underwater and he cant see them anymore.... well, i presume is a setter, so he's pawsy:)

and is wonderful when he wants to give you his paws, preferebly two or more at the same times:)





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