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Best tools for grooming castrated coat conditions!

I wonder if someone could please tell me what the best tools are in terms of combs /brushes etc for general grooming on my 6 month post castrated Reuben. I do comb him regularly but need to invest in another tool I think.

Thank you

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I've been hand stripping any fluffy bits...takes ages!  I recently bought a Moult Stoppa and a Porcupine brush from a firm called Rosewood, which leave the coat with a nice shine.  They both do a great job but It's a bit tricky over the legs though, hence the stripping.  You've just got to keep on top of it and regular baths help to dislodge the dead hair.  A good conditioning shampoo and conditioner is a must.  I use the Groomers vet grade EPO range but other ES members have said that they use other products, including pantenne.  Whatever you choose, it needs to be a good conditioning shampoo and conditioner. Watch his weight but it would be useful to give him a supplement in his food.  He needs oil to keep his skin from getting too dry.  I bath Benson once a fortnight and his coat is beginning to look as it should.

I hope that helps.


Just before we leave the site, we've had enough, we use wet hands only.  The dogs love it and it is brilliant for getting out the dead hair, it also helps with just checking them over for bumps and lumps.  Wet rubber gloves are good too but be careful because they can get snared amongst the hairs and pull it which hurts.  We find wet hands are the best.  Good luck and give Reuben a little hug.

Thank you, wet hands is a good idea. Like you said, you can assess their all over condition.

Hi Louise, I've been just given the trick of using a pumice stone. Naturally you need to be careful not to rub too hard on the dead coat area but it works a treat and they look great and its cheap. I think the baths help especially a good hydro bath to loosen the dead coat but as Lesley said you don't won't to dry the skin out too much. I'm no expert but have over the eight years of owning a neutered Irish researched far and wide and I think I've finally got it right :)) I also use a good quality grooming spray, a slicker brush and stripping knife on his head. I have two mars grooming tools too and from time to time use them as well ( gee that's a lot lol ) you are lucky that Reuben is young and you can start now. I tried to find out everything I needed to know but there just wasn't enough Irish in our country, let alone any desexed. I hope there are more suggestions and advice as I personally would really apreciate it too.
Also I liked the ideas of using your hands, It would certainly help with removing the dead coat I guess like when we wash our own hair. Thank you and I'm sorry your leaving :(

Your grooming bag sounds like mine Dianne. Have used Powder Puff for harsh coats (Hush Puppy) to help with hand stripping. It makes the dead coat much easier to grip. Not showing now so the boys get the full treatment a little less often.

Louise, I use a Coat King on Ruby & Ben, they are like sheep otherwise.  Have to be very gentle and careful with this tool, but found the only thing that gets rid of the dense undercoat and really thins it out, works for mine. 

Hello Lesley, I was hoping you wouldn't mind me asking, what are some of the supplements you use to help with maintaining Bensons coat and skin. Or are the supplements to help, as he is neutered? I'd be keen to know that also
Thank you Lesley.

I use Yumega Show Coat for Rigsby (entire) and in the past, I've used Salmon Oil for Benson as it is cheaper, but I've recently changed him onto Evening Primrose Oil.  Yet to know if it works as well but he's on a diet and I thought this would be less calorific.  It's the omega 3 & 6 in the oil that you need to look for.  Pilchards (I get them in tomato), or fresh oily fish are also good.  If you get it in cans, avoid the ones in brine.

Thank you Lesley, I've been giving sardines in oil or tomatoe and they are a favourite. I'll give a go with the evening primrose oil and look for maybe a oily fish.

Many thanks Lesley. Dianne & Irish.

My pleasure.  It is an up hill task and I spend more time grooming Benson than I do Rigsby, but it's worth it in the end.  A little everyday works wonders!



I get my EPO from the Groomers website as it's the only place I've found that stock it.  It would be easier if I could pop down to Holland & Barrett but the human stuff isn't safe for dogs!




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