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Best tools for grooming castrated coat conditions!

I wonder if someone could please tell me what the best tools are in terms of combs /brushes etc for general grooming on my 6 month post castrated Reuben. I do comb him regularly but need to invest in another tool I think.

Thank you

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Likewise.  I bought a Mikki alternative which has 8 blades and I could stuff a mattress with the dead hair. In two hours, I've got the same results from the previous two weeks work.  I find as quickly as you get rid of the old hair then there's new to take it's place.  So, it will be a real time saver.  I've probably taken off too much but the sooner the dead hairs gone, the sooner the new growth will come through.

The comb with the revolving teeth is a Ferplast not a Mikki.

I don't think we have the Ferplast brand over here, but I was able to find a JW Pets brand comb with the rotating teeth. It works like a charm! I tried it on my long hair before I tried it on Seamus ;-)

It didn't pull at all when it hit snags, so it should work great on the pup. I have a #30 Mars Coat King on order also. I figured I'd start with that one and order a #10 if needed.

Thanks to everyone for the pointers!


Pleased your happy with your purchase Rhonda it's a quality grooming tool. On line shopping....fantastic!! Glad Kerry enjoyed he's groom and did a little jig lol.
Hi Leslie , I'm not the best with on line shopping and get my children to help. But I think they ordered mine either on eBay or direct from mars coat king......you can try www.marsgroomingproducts.com.au Let me know if that doesn't help and I'll do more research :0)) they are a German made grooming tool, that might help. Dianne

Hi Dianne,

Thank you! they are in the PetEdge.com catalog, so I'm hoping I can get it. I may have to call since they seemed to have removed it from online. If I buy from an Australian site the shipping would be more than the rake! ;-)


A videod demo of grooming an Irish Setter and putting it on YouTube would be a good idea - then we could all attend the demo!  :0)


Bess hates being groomed.  From a pup, if I sit on the floor she'll plonk her backside down on my lap.  So the only way I can groom her is in this position - gets a bit awkward, but she'll let me brush her if she's sitting on me!  Back leg feathers and tail can be a tad tricky.  As for touching her paws - no way!  She goes to a groomer when her feet need trimming up, but I'm lucky in that the groomer has owned and showed IS's herself - and only lives 10 minutes away!  I feel it's cheating, but if I try to trim Bess I'll end up cutting her as she doesn't keep still for me.  I used to have an ES, and could trim him easily as he would put up with anything.  Mind you, I'm not the best 'hairdresser' in the world, and it's lucky I didn't show him as his ears always had a chopped look. 

A YouTube video demo would be wonderful!

Seamus and Bess sound like they are cut from the same cloth. When I try to groom the feathers on his butt he turns to face me... I can usually get the lower legs, but he will just keep towards me if I go higher. Which is why I am so interested in how to deal with mats.  :-)

Glad you have managed to find one, you can see I'm not that knowledgeable when it comes to on line shopping.....but think it's great :0)) Very annoying when the shipping is more than the item, let me know how you go with getting one. Take care Dianne.

I advise going to a pet shop and buying a 'furminator' - they're amazing and will take mountains of dead hair out.  My daughter grooms from time to time and they work well on all breeda and coat types.  Let me know how it goes if you do?

Just bought myself the mars coat king 30. I have not used it for a full groom yet, but so far I think it is wonderful.I have used it on Sofie as she has very thick fur which was starting to look quite dull, with raw food and my favourite tool she looks lovely again thanks for the advice everyone




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