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Has anyone out there got any words of wisdom when caring for a dog recovering from an operation for Bloat (GDV). We have just come back from holiday to find out that Bailey had to have an emergency operation. He is fine apart from trying to keep him from jumping up. As directed he is being fed 4 small meals a day and only 10 min gentle walks but as the op was almost a week ago and he has five days until the stitches are removed, he is becoming a bit of a handful (again)!

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Glad to hear your boy is on the mend! x
I am glad that Bailey is recovering, please can you tell me if bloat is hereditary as I believe my dog could be related to Bailey?
If you pup was born on the 12.07.09 then I think a few pups from that litter have suffered bloat as I have been contacted by other people whose pups have also had the same condition. How old was your dog when this occurred?
Yes my dog was born on that date. He hasnt had bloat, but I am now very worried that if other dogs from the litter have had it, does it increase his chances of getiing it in the future?
I must admit I am surprised as I thought it was only deep chested dogs that were affected.




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