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Reading the Irish Setter breed standard which states:


On head, front of legs and tips of ears, short and fine; on all other parts of body and legs of moderate length, flat and as free as possible from curl or wave. Feathers on upper portion of ears long and silky; on back of fore- and hindlegs long and fine. Fair amount of hair on belly, forming a nice fringe which may extend on to chest and throat. Feet well feathered between toes. Tail to have fringe of moderately long hair decreasing in length as it approaches point. All feathering to be as straight and flat as possible".


it seems that a large proportion of the IS's have very wavy if not curly coats; not that I have anything against that but we seem to be getting away from the breed standard?  I understand that coat is only a small part of the important make up of these beautiful dogs and conformation is more important.

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Changed in to your Philosopher's hat now have you Eva!.......well while you have it on , may I suggest that you ponder over the sarcastic comments you have made not only to me but other members too!

Val we have moved onto Ch Garryowen....get over yourself!!

Oh and by the way....good girl for acknowledging that I have experience.

You can most certainly call me Saint Eva........that is reverent enough.

I have NEVER said that you don't have experience!!

Im really glad you like your new title...I think it suits you very well! 

Now perhaps Camilla and Finn will realise that I was only trying to make you happy and apologise to me for their comments!

I don't see why they should for, after all, you weren't very nice to them.  I feel the apologies should come from you, especially as you are in such an aquiescing mood.......
Eva...... I sense that you have taken off your philosphers hat and picked up a big wooden spoon, maybe just to cause a little stir here and there!

You wish...........


Experience has nothing to do with how long you have been on ES.....It is just than in the earlier days we used to have 'clean' debates with very experienced and knowledgeable members and these do not happen anymore as the same members do not participate in discussions for fear of patronising and uncomplimentary answers.

Maybe This will help .

A friend of mine was so lucky to obtain a very old billboard with an Irish setter champion on it ..

You can see it on his collar full with medalions ..in the old day's that was to let people know the dog is a winner ..


Love the billboard....dog has a nice straight coat too.....;o)

It's nice to see how Irish Setters used to be, straight coat and all!

Yes I agree Val. Not this over angulated, babana topline etc. That setter in the picture could work. I have seen some that would struggle to get to the end of the garden and back.
Garryowen was an Irish from the past...it is an actual dog not a drawing/made up dog....Though I suspect that I will be shot down for saying so....




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