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BREEDING CONDITIONS in your breeding club / country?

Hi everyone,

I need your help. I write an article for our breeding club (Setter and pointer club in Czech republic www.mskao.cz) about breeding conditions across Europe (or world, if there is anybody out of Europe).

My question to you: WHAT ARE BREEDING CONDITIONS in your country? (or in your club in your country, if there is more breeding clubs in your country...) I mean - what must your dog/bitch meet to become stud dog/brood bitch?

For example, in Czech republic (www.mskao.cz) are breeding conditions:

1) Dog show - one mark excellent or very good

2) Hunting tests - natural ability testing - simply working in field with an emphasis on inherit abilities of pointers - pointing, speed, quality of nose, system of searching, desire to work, behavior after the shot... and all these disciplines in highest possible ranking - 4 points from 4 possible.

... or Field Trial with minimal 6 points (mark good).

3) HD X-ray - FCI scale maximum "C".


Please, write your country, breeder club (webpages?) and your breeding conditions.

Many, many thanks for your help!!


... and finally, sorry about my english! :-)

Have a nice day!

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I think it is not a problem to get excellent or very good mark on show and is not a problem to complete a hunting test (at least natural ability testing) which provide inniate properties of setters and pointers (EVERY setter and english pointer MUST pointing, MUST have a corresponding movement in the field and searching etc...)


If there will be no restrictions, in next generations setters will not have their own properties, setters will not be setters any more!!


Breed without restrictions and rules is only the responsibility of breeders, but not every breeder is responsible enough!...

David, as Tonda says you dont have to win at shows or field trials to be allowed breed, just be graded very good or excellent and show some hunting ability(most setters have the instinct, or should have!!) I see it more as protecting the breed, especially as to its health and purpose!! Otherwise you have people breeding all sorts of red dogs with temperament and health problems!! My opinion anyway;o))

I still don't get it - but that's not unusual!

Say there's a litter of 12 pups from show dog parents. The parents have been checked and have no health problems. By 8-10 weeks the breeder has selected 2 or 3 who stand out and these will go to show homes. The other nine will go to pet homes. The 2 or 3 in show homes may or may not develop into good show dogs. Some of the other nine could also develop into good show dogs, but will never get the opportunity to be shown, and therefore will not be available for breeding under this system. Say one of the 3 dogs in show homes does not make the grade or doesn't like to be shown. This means we are down to 2 dogs from a litter of 12 who are available for breeding.  Who has actually chosen these dogs? Not the judges! It was the breeder right at the start. Can we afford to reject 10 out of 12 dogs?

So, why not do away with the middleman - leave it to the breeder. They can assess whether a  dog is suitable for breeding or not when it is an adult, rather than guessing when it is a pup, without relying on show results at all. Perhaps then they would look at pet dogs too and bring more genetic variety into the breed.

David, if a dog who goes to a pet home turns out better than the "Show Dogs" which does happen, then all the pet dog owner has to do, if they want to breed from this "pet dog", is enter it in a show to get its very good or excellent, then do the health checks and then they can go ahead!!! I think the system just wants to check that the dogs have enough quality(as per the standard) and be healthy for breeding! So it can be one or all of the remaining 10 pet pups!! Just because a pup is chosen as a pet, does not exclude it from the show ring or from a breeding programme, so potentially all pups from a litter can be used for breeding;o)

Silke, question

a british ShCh can or can not be shown in FCI champion class ?

If he can not than at the WW in Paris a number of things went wrong ....


In Sweden we have to follow the Swedish Kennel Club rules that apply to all breeds.

These are a maximum of five litters/bitch, no litters after the age of 7 unless the bitch has had a previous litter and has been vet-checked to confirm that she is in a condition to have puppies. If a bitch has two litters during a 12 months period, she needs to have a rest for a minimum of 12 months. No father/daughter-mother/son or sibling combinations allowed.

Only use dogs in your breeding that have good temperament, are healthy etc.

No show/work merits needed.

But if both dogs do not have qualifications (show/work) you will pay a higher price for the registration of the puppies.

Both dogs clear hips (A/B)

Both CLAD-free

After that, we have a lot of rules and regulations regarding the sale of puppies.

Breeder must be seller, so no puppies sold by 3:rd party.

Puppies not to be sold younger than 8 weeks old.

Kennelclub-Buying-contract/registration must follow each puppy also vet-check no older than 7 days.

 I think this is it...have I forgotten something...I hope someone will fill in the gaps.

Thanks for your help!  ;-)
And there I thought we Swiss were strict...;o))




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