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So now that the days are longer, the fellas are outside longer and Keba just runs and runs. Chasing whatever isn't tied down or just carrying one toy or another. He has lost considerable weight sinceWinter ended and his ribs and hip bones are distinguishable. Rooker also but not near so as Keba where on Keba it doesn't look right. They are getting about the best food available here at 30% protein and 20% fat with no corn, wheat or soy. I have upped Keba's feed about a cup but that puts him over the recommended amount per day. I suppose I could raise it more but I would then prefer to feed 3x/day but that is not possible now. I really don't believe it's parasites as he was fine all Winter gaining back what he ran off last Fall. They both go for wellness exams in 2 wks. Any thoughts or similar experiences.

On another quick note. It is quite humorous but if you give each a treat, they will take it into the others kennel to enjoy it. Anyone else ever observe this and maybe have an explanation.

Best to all on ES.


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I agree with you Tracy, you need to adjust the amount of food to your dog's activity, body condition and health. 

However, I recently realised that giving them much more than what they recomend (like twice the dosage) will have the opossite effect! The dog's stomach and intestines get too full and the food travels faster trough the digestive tract, so they end up not absorbing all the nutrients they should, having the opposite effect you wished!

 If you do enlarge the dosage, then feeding an extra time daily is a good idea, to make sure the amout of food they eat can be fully used and digested!

I really don't pay attention to the recommended amount either. I figured out myself how much food my dogs needs. If I want them to gain 10 % weight I feed them 10 % extra.

Arthur is thin.I try to feed him more but he eats what he wants then won't eat more.He is very active and healthy so I am not worrying.

Know the feeling Howard. You can lead some Irish to food but you can not make them eat. Murphy and myself just roll our eyes at Kerry's food antics some days.

Pitanga was just like that! I kept worrying and worrying... Tried a million foods and all sort of feeding sistems, but she only ate what she wanted, and not a grain more. She used to weight 19kg, and she is quite tall! Then age came along... You should see her now! she is an eating machine and weights some very nice 25kg! 

I also think you have no reason to worry Howard, Arthur will eventually get a nice "meat suit" under his gorgeous coat! =)

Hi everybody.

I am aware that what is recommended on the bag is a guideline and have upped Keba's feed but worry about too much dry food at one feeding due to concerns of bloat. I have gone through that before and once is enough, thank you. I expect in a month or so I could go to 3 feedings, just not possible now. I suppose what is as much of a concern is how he runs himself ragged when he is outside. It is perpetual and usually I have to call 'time out' before he kills himself or drives me crazy to say nothing about the condition of my yard. Of all the Reds I have had ( 8 ), I have never had one that runs himself like this but I do have 3A of invisible fence which of course was intended to give room to run. Didn't expect him to take it so literally.


Good points Sue. Wasn't aware that higher protein could be a factor. He is definitely overstimulated as even treats are refused when he revs up. It's like 'ooh bird, ooh butterfly, gotta go'. Actually, building an outdoor kennel is on my 'to do' list but I expect he'll do some barking then. He is particularly vocal about most anything. I believe enforced 'quiet time' is in order. Thank you.

His brother on the other hand couldn't be more different, he's usually under foot w/ everything and it's Rooooker!! Go see what your brother is chasing!

More good advice. Thank you Cornelia.


Arthur certainly eats more the more exercise he does but he burns a lot of that energy off the next time he is out so,with him, it is a vicious circle! Consequently he remains pretty constant at 27K.Fred and Ellie will eat and eat if I let them,their appetite is always there no matter what they do.Fred is 38K and Ellie 33K.

Howard, sounds like Fred is a pretty big boy. Most of my guys in the past have been in that 70-75 lb range. I know, I know, us damn Yanks don't use metric.

I think that is 32 to 34K. I must point out that Arthur is taller and longer than Fred.Fred is hefty but not considered overweight by my vet.He was a well built puppy and has remained that way.Arthur is thin and I think he always will be.

I have friends who have lurchers and they leave a bowl of dried food out for them all the time.If I did that Fred and Ellie would eat the lot in one go!




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