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I updated the 'Site Experience Issues' thread with this info but for those that may have missed it, I reported this issue with Ning.  They are aware of it (called it a bug [software error]) and are working on changing it back.  Not sure when it will happen but they are going back to how it was before. FYI

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Thanks Gene for all your help as always;o))
i can send messages to members again now thanks
Thanks Gene. it really is a Bug** trying to access all the new comments on the site...
Not sure what the timing of this fix is.  Assume it will be made in a maintenance release the next couple weeks.  Sorry about any inconvenience till then.

Has anyone on here got their comments the right way round?

Mine are still in reverse order, starting with oldest first.

I am still having to scroll down to the last page to find any new comments.

Are we all affected or have some on here had no problems?

Yes mine too changed recently, first comments first, so I have to go to the last page to find the latest one. Not very convenient, but I didn't want to bother our so kind Gene with this problem. Gene is doing so much for us, and for free, just to share our love for setters, I will never thank him enough for this wonderful site.
I still cannot send e mails or edit any comments i make.I could not send a reply e mail to you.




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