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for anyone who wishes to understand and be understood by their dog read "ON TALKING TERMS WITH DOGS CALMING SIGNALS" by Turid Rugaas  

My wife and I are stunned at the impact this has had on our dogs and us, and simply cannot believe this has not been studied or made known till recent times. Absolutely incredible, it has changed forever how we communicate with our dogs.It is a language every dog world wide is born with and understands.

We were able to calm our IS, who was getting quite aggitated at a show, with a simple turn of the head and yawn, he completely relaxed and sat down calm in seconds.   

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I attended a Turid seminar many years ago, but didn't discover anything new to me, but I'd already had the pleasure of studying the behaviour of a feral dog pack over an extended period of time, so learned a great deal about how they communicate with each other.  It is something every dog owner should be aware of, as so many conflicts between dog and human occur when we misunderstand their responses and they are not fully understanding what we are requiring from them.  My study certainly changed the way I interact with dogs, and how I teach dogs.   I would recommend Turid's book (and seminars) to anyway who would find this  to be of interest.


Here is a link to her website:



and this is a link to a site where Turid runs some of her UK seminars




I have also seen Turid and I know that you can be quite amazed by her workshops but Peter - she is a "tool" in the trainers workbox. Use her ideas in conjunction with everyone else. Todays dogs are often removed from the next early, a bitch may not spend time with her pups and much of turids ovbservation is of "learned behaviour" Some dogs have not learned the art of communication in the ways she has cited
one of the things that is so interesting Ossian is that dogs who have not learnt or forgotten these signals can be taught or re-learn them. Dogs that are not socialized early or don't mix with other dogs may not learn them or use them due to only human contact but they are inbuilt in their make up
Hi, like Cornelia I saw your recommendation on the other discussion and went straight to Google then Amazon! Book ordered. Any help dealing with IS appreciated, lol, if only to decipher those looks I sometimes get when I'm asking Nula to do something......:)
Hi Peter, this book is really great! I read it last year and it changed my and my dogs life :-) I definitely recommend it to all dog owners!


I always do what my dogs tell me!

Seriously , I will get a copy.I found this on you tube:


Copy ordered thanks Peter !!
I hope you all get as much from this book as we have done . It has become fascinating observing our guys and seeing their communication with each other and realizing that we have misinterpreted what they were saying to us and to each other. The reaction from our IS has been the best , he was quite scared of the vacuum cleaner, we gave him a couple of signals and he just walked straight passed it, no more issue it took just seconds.
Sounds fantastic Peter.  
I've found that type of interaction so interesting now I'm able to understand what they are telling each other. Human language is fragmented world wide and living with us is a species that communicates so well with each other world over

Well, it looks like i found my xmas gift for myself and my dogs!

I'm definetely going to order it!

Thanks Peter

Thanks, ordered mine from Amazon, looking forward to reading this!




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