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I have never been to Crufts mainly because I am in two minds about the whole show business side of dog breeding and also because it's a bit of a trek to get to Birmingham from the South Coast.

However, I fear it's the only time I'll ever be able to see a whole load of Setters of all different shapes and sizes in one place.

So I've been looking at dates and have noticed that the gundogs are lined up for Sat 9th March which is nice because I won't need to take time off work and the hubby will be able to look after the Peril. 

Is anyone here thinking of attending the show? And what are the general recommendations for newcomers to dog shows? Are all the Setter breeds kept in one area? Are breeders/exhibitors happy to let you interact with their dogs and ask questions?


Any thoughts and suggestions will be much appreciated.


Best, KC

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We're all booked up to go now - managed to scrape together the money with a little help from my dad :) the train prices are ridiculous though!

Wish I could be there with you all, I shall be there in spirit, wishing everyone the very best of luck. Hope a beautiful Irish gets best in show. Three in the 90`s lets have 4 this decade. good luck and most of all enjoy <:0)

Good Luck everyone!! and those going to watch, maybe for the first tiem....enjoy!! Will be thinking about you all...have a fabulous day!

We wll be there too! Mac is entered in the Yearling class.

good luck everyone then!!! it sounds as it will be a great day!!!


Good luck to everyone going. I believe bitches now start at 0830 and dogs 0900

Enjoy your day


Wishing everyone participating Good Luck on saturday and all those of you going along to watch have a fab day -so wish i was going :(

Good Luck to everyone entering, i'm so looking forward to going and seeing all the dogs and there owners, cant wait (",)

Good luck everyone from me as well.I wish I was going but just am not able to this year.I shall watch on More 4.

Good luck to everyone who is entered. Sue and i hope to see some of you from 8:30am if we don't get lost. Watch out i am about with my camera and please say hi if you see me.

Have fun y'all!

Wow, 8.30am start in Birmingham would involve a 3 o'clock rise in Brighton. Not to mention the cost of the train ticket. Have I made the right decision? I really think so...  ;)  

No really, I wish I could be there tomorrow and meet a few peeps in person but hey there will be other opportunities.I'll watch it on 4OD. I've noticed that highlights of the first day are already available online (time for a brew and a sit down methinks). Hopefully some of the Setter specials will again be shown on YouTube. 

Oh shame you're not going after all. You will be missing a treat.


I'm in Northumberland and I'll be setting the alarm for 4am, out the door at 5am hoping to arrive between 9 and 10am. I'm not showing this year, but I've been getting a new puppy and so will be shopping for all his showing essentials.


Good luck to everyone that's showing have a great Crufts!


Dawn R.




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