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My beautiful Sophie died yesterday after suffering bloat again. During surgery she suffered a cardiac arrest and could not be brought back. I am totally heartbroken. She had been through so much with this dreaded condition . She would have been 9 years old on the 11th August. I was truly blessed to have her in my life.

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such sad news... :( poor girlie had to go through lots but is at peace now... wishing you lots of strength for the coming times :(

i am so sorry shirley to hear such a terrible news.. be strong, i hope with  lot of time only the precious memories will be left with you.. thinking about you ...

Thanks Silvia....I am still in shock as it turned out her stomach had not twisted and things were going well when she suddenly arrested ( I was present at the time ) . I just can't get my head around it as I never expected this to happen. Maybe her circulation had compromised and toxic shock set in very quickly this time . I am not going down the road of having a post mortem as at the end of the day it changes nothing .Every thing is just so raw at the moment . Just another piece of my heart is broken. She was such a beautiful girl and will be missed terribly ..The last 3 years have been a roller coaster ride and now she is at peace

Thank you for your kind words ..It does mean a lot

Thank you Laura...Just trying to get through the days at the moment.

i marked you as friend here, along with a little message. i am not around here a lot, so forgot how it works, can you please check?

My sincerest condolences for the loss of your girl Sophie, Shirley. She was beautiful indeed. I am so sorry that she didn't survive and reach older age. Still grieving for my own boy, so I understand completely. Sending my thoughts & prayers to soothe your broken heart.

Oh golly, I am so sad to hear this. Even before I became a member, just a short time ago, I read your posts about Sophie and bloat. Like so many others here, I was rooting for you both. What a sweet beauty she is, in heart and body. Again like others here, I know how it is to lose a beloved Setter. The memories of my first Setter, Tara, gave me so much strength and still do. I'm wishing you the same. My thoughts are with you, Shirley.

So sorry to hear the sad news. My thoughts and wishes to you.xx

When they are not there anymore and their place is empty it is, as you say, heartbreaking.. . Somehow, I hope good may come from this for you - somehow. :(

Thank you everyone . My thoughts are all over the place going through the chain of events and thinking could this cardiac arrest have been prevented..I will have a talk with my vet once I am more together.


I'm so sorry to year your sad news.. whishing you'll the strength and comfort you need in these days :(

Joan and I are heartbroken for you,please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.





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