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UK television viewers, was anyone else watching ''The One Show'' this evening. Tonights guest was the comedian Alan Carr, and guess who's his new best friend? Yeah...........Bev, she's an 11 week old Irish Setter puppy. She's absolutely delightful.


OK spill the beans, who bred Bev?

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James and Howard you can be "29" as long as you want.....age is just a number and not a way of life! ......and I did not mean to be mean...just funny!   We all have to have a few dreams...........and if they keep us young and dreaming more power to those dreams!

Thanks Sherry, we know you were just being as humerous as us!  And as long as i am 29 in your eyes,that is good enough for me....wishful thinking though!!!

Our setters are the elixir of youth....are they not?

That's it then we have IS's to ward off advancing years......
.and to keep my memories of BB!
so now we know the answer to are you ever to old to get an IS puppy!!! We  can hold onto our "dreams" , "memories" and get younger chasing after them! but most of all it is the laughter they bring into our world that keeps us young....you either laugh at them or never have an IS is what I figure so when I see someone with an IS I just naturally assume they have a great sense of humor......other assumptions I try not to make but that one is an automatic one for me here.

Sorry to be a party pooper guys, but I have decided to close this thread now because it's gone well off topic.


Dawn Riddell.




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